Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi UGANDA a unesco world heritage site

The Royal Tombs at Kasubi is located on 30 hectares of traditionally farmed agricultural hillside in African nation-state of Uganda. They are Kabakas (kings) of the 700-year old Buganda Kingdom.

Explain its importance: .The site is the major spiritual centre for the Baganda where traditional and cultural practices have been preserved its more of a museum but outdoors actual live trip you can see the statues and the lands

Why should we protect the place? in my opinion this place should be protected because it a beautiful and unique place nothing like this place and because it was the original place it wasn't reconstructed but now it is so we should have more careful to it.

How to visit it... to get there you would have to take a plane because it in Africa when you do get there you can rent a house for you to spend the night

Convince people to go or to help protect it. the reason you should go is because it such beautiful place and why would you not want to experience something new the place is unique so there for it is important for people to keep it safe and nice carrying because people dont want to see and burned place so what we should do is put rules in order to get to this place like security no smoking sections all those kinda of stuff therefore it can be looking nice all the time and protected

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Created with images by Nao Iizuka - "Kasubi Tomb" • Nao Iizuka - "Kasubi Tomb" • Nao Iizuka - "Kasubi Tomb" • Nao Iizuka - "Kasubi Tombs"

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