poems by jose capristo


  1. Joy i see you in a child's face when he is getting candy
  2. Joy i feel you when we huge
  3. Joy i hear you when we are laughing with our family and friends
  4. Joy i will accept you everyday
  5. Joy i taste you on my mother's food
  6. Joy i need you when i am down
  7. Joy i see you when the sun is rising over the ocean
  8. Joy you are always there when we do a lot of fun things


  • Look at us we were so very young
  • Now look at us 13 years later
  • Tito you are 20 now, maria you're 18
  • And me, already 16
  • I still kind of remember that day
  • Feeling that very bright sun on my head and shoulders,
  • as we pose for the picture,
  • as we're are getting ready to go out we wore our Sunday best


  • Family means everything
  • They are always first
  • Family never lets you down
  • They will always be there for you
  • In the ups and downs
  • Family means everything

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