A guide to India By: Stefania

Can you believe that India has one of the biggest population in the world? It's also one of the biggest countries ever!

India's population is 1,266,883,598. That is a lot of people in just one country! India is in second place for having the most people in a country. The worlds population is 7,323,187,457. India has about 1/7 of the population from the whole world. Since there is a very big population there is a lot of spatial inequality.

Urban areas means where industries and most jobs are. It's also where the city is. In 2001 at the census 72.2% of the population lived in about 638,000 villages and the remaining 27.8% lived in more than 5,100 towns. People live in city areas because that's where they can find more jobs and where kids can go to school.

The schools are not the best but their not that good. The reason that their not as good because only 11% of the students finishing school joins a school. But in the United States 83% of the students joins a college. Some parts of India there is no schooling (kids do not go to school.) Some students in India finish college but most students only graduate high school.

Call centers in India are people that work in a building and they answers calls from people in America that are having trouble with any technology that doesn't function. They try fixing the problem that is wrong with the technology. Those people that work in the call centers they have to stay up till midnight in India because the time there is different. When it's day in America it's in midnight there. So people have to work at night there. A call center in India is CCI. Call centers in India have the best technologies in there. People in call centers get paid between 9 and 14 dollars an hour.

India does have a comparative advantage. They have a compariative advantage because of the call centers. They know a lot about technology and fixing it then we do. If it wasn't for the US they wouldn't have those jobs. Their call centers make our technology better to use.

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