Descriptive Writing by Zain Chaker

My name is Zain I'm thirteen years old. I live in Auckland with my mum,dad and brother. I try to work hard at school without getting distracted. I was born on October eleventh two thousand and three. I was born in Green lane hospital and lived in Mount Roskill.

I was born in New Zealand but my parents are from different parts of Asia. My mum's from China and my dad's from Syria. They both flew from their own countries to New Zealand. Then after a while they met in Auckland, got married and lived together in Mount Roskill. Then I was born a year later. Two years later my brother was born and my family settled down in south Auckland.

My hobbies were always art and origami because they are basically training my mind in different ways than writing and speaking. I do have many other hobbies like playing video games and watching Youtube videos. I started origami and art when I was very young, that's why I love origami and art.

My future job is to be a car designer because I was inspired by the people that made the new BMW i8. There was someone from New Zealand that graduated university and designed the carbine fiber inside the i8 and I want to be like him. This is why art is one of my hobbies.

At the end of two thousand and sixteen my parents signed me up for Papatoetoe High School at the time I was worried. But after Phil Goff became mayor my family herd he studied in Papatoetoe High School. Then I wasn't worried anymore instead I was proud. After a few days I got used to the students,teachers and most of all the timetable.

Now I feel less confused and more used to the timetable. I feel lucky to be in this school. With the help of intelligent teachers and friendly students, hopefully I can achieve my goal. I will continue studying hard at school and enjoying life with my family.

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