The Stations of the Cross by: molly vankat

The Stations of the cross are a 14 step catholic devotion that celebrates and helps catholics remember Jesus’ last day on earth. The 14 stations each represent a different event of His last day. The stations of the cross are commonly practiced during the liturgical season of lent.

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross

The Stations of the Cross are important to catholics because the stations show the compassion of Jesus. It shows that Jesus, even though he was suffering, loved us all so much that he would die for us.

Jesus knew it wouldn’t be easy but he accepted his cross and carried it just the same.

Jesus falls for the the first time

The Stations of the Cross show that Jesus’ journey to Calvary was not easy. He carried his cross but the weight overpowered him causing him to fall three separate times.

Jesus dies on the cross

Jesus knew his destiny, he knew that by the end of the day he would be dead. He died to save us from sin and death.


The crucifix is a symbol of Jesus on the cross. It show how the soldiers nailed his hands and his feet to the cross. It also shows that Jesus’ death was painful and he knew it would be.

Jesus was not angry or mad but he was full of forgiveness. He forgave the people who had mocked him, the soldiers who had beaten him, and the thieves who were hung on crosses on either side of Jesus.

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