Activating Neural Pathways to Boost Motivation Overcome resistance and get unstuck.

Do you struggle to find motivation for something you think is beneficial, or something that you think is important?

It may be that you aren't connected to what it really means for you. You need to connect with yourself on a deeper level and uncover what moves you and why. Identify what you value and overcome what holds you back.

Take 4 blank pages, each one dedicated to 4 primary areas of your life that, if any of these 4 are out of balance, YOU will likely feel out of balance. These areas are: your body, your home, your work, and your relationships.

Step One: At the top of each page, start with the heading. Let's begin with "The Body". Below it, write down what you would like to change for, or about, your body. If you can't activate any motivation directly, think about what you'd like your body to be like, if you were to wake up tomorrow to find your wish granted.

Your page may look like this: "I want to lose weight." "I want to be strong, agile." "I want a new haircut." "I want some new clothes." (Quality over quantity: you don't have to fill the page. Write down only what feels meaningful to you).

Step Two: Go back to first item you wrote and now state why you chose it, like this: "I want to lose weight BECAUSE...... " Complete the sentence after 'because' for each of the items you wrote before.

Important: Make sure your answers speak about your personal motives. They should reveal why you want what you want. For instance, " I want to lose weight so David finds me attractive." That isn't really about you. The reason why you want anything is because of how you want to feel. Advertising exploits this brilliantly. People routinely forget it and go chasing lots of shiny objects thinking that they hold the power, when in fact, you do. The key to wanting less is discovering how you can satisfy the needs you have with what you already have. But that's another lesson.

For now, you might answer: "I want to lose weight BECAUSE I want to feel attractive." Keep going until you get to the bottom. "I want to feel attractice BECAUSE I will be able to enjoy myself more when I go out, knowing I am good enough, and I don't need to feel insecure."

Usually, you will be able to quickly identify why you want what you do, in certain categories. Notice which come easy, which take longer, which pop right out of your mind, while others require more work and may feel like a stretch. Your experience doing this will clue you in to where you need to focus. What's calling your attention, and the easiest way to tap your motivation right now.

Any questions? Feel free to write below. I promise I will answer you.

If you'd like to share with others who've done this exercise, visit my Mighty Network: what you learn here: www.beingwhole.mn.co

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