Welcome To Behind The Sences OF Single Parents BY JAven Smith

Why This Voice?

I chose the voice of a single parent because it’s a voice I am not familiar with. I want to know more about this voice because I am a traditional student with no children or husband. I chose this voice because I wanted to do something other than religion or ethnicity. This voice will hopefully teach what it is like to be in the shoes of a single parent and how they juggle a family and a career.

One of the outcomes I hope to get from this experience is to better understand different walks of life. I wanted to know why the voices are single parents, who they lean on when times are hard, and how they have become a better person as a single parent. I look forward to reading academic articles on the history of single parents. I am very excited to interview parents and hear their stories.

I interview Robert Whitmore and he told me what it was like being a single father before he got married to his current wife. He talked about how he always felt like he was meant to be a father and from a young age, he knew he would be great with children. When he found out he was going to be a parent he and his girlfriend at the time talked about their options. He ended up parenting his son on his own and he said it was the best decision he has ever made.

Whitmore told me that being a parent is one of the scariest yet fulfilling positions on earth. “I have learned so much from my son that I can never repay him for” Whitmore’s son is currently ten years old and is doing very well. He said being a single parent is not ideal, but it is not impossible and the thing I worry about most is if he gets enough attention from me or is missing out on a parent in his life. I try and make sure he get the love and motivation he needs to be successful in life. Being a parent has taught him a lot, but being a single parent has shown him more.

Ebony Mayberry is a single mother and works full-time at two different jobs. She let me interview her and share her voice and experiences with others. She has a son that just turn one last month. Ebony and her son have always been two peas in a pot they are just alike. Her son has only know his mom his whole life his dad has never been in the picture.

Ebony chose to keep and rise her son on her own when she found out the father was not inserted in having kids or settling down. He wanted her to get an abortion and for them to not see each other again. Ebony took a stand for her child and decided she was keeping him and going to rise him on her own. She said “I had always know that I was not going to be with my sons father my whole life and we definitely did not plan on having a child together.” She told me her son was the best and most eye opening decision she ever made.

Ebony told me her family and friends were very supportive and have helped her out tremendously through the process. She talked about her father being her biggest role model because of the way he took care of her and her sister. Now that she is a parent she notices that a lot of her parenting comes from what her father has instilled in her. She says her son is extremely bright! She believes he will not miss out on a father figure because he has uncle’s and grandfathers that will always be there for him in his future.


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