Early American Life in the 1800's By:Jonathan mikolakso

Early American Music

One of the instruments they used to make music

Music in the 1800's wasn't at the time as complicated as music today and it was mostly only listened to or heard in church. The music varied from classical music which came from Europe, to patriotic anthems which were mostly about America, to Minstrel music,and to African american american music which was mostly spiritual.As the need for new music started growing and becoming a problem, square dancing started to become popular in the South and West. All from the North to the South, music was becoming a very popular form of entertainment everywhere.

Early American Art

In the beginnings of american life,there were only about 5 different works or types of art. First, there was folk art which could be made by just any person and the quality of the art wouldn't be as good as proffesional art, then there was portraits which had one person in view and that person was all you can see in the photo.Also, there was John James Audubon art which focused on wildlife,Hudson River School art which was focused on landscape,and there was George Catlin art which focused on Native American types of art.

Early American Politics

There were two political parties like today which were the Federalists and the Republicans.

Early American Literature

In the American life, they didn't have that many books to read let alone most of them even knowing how to read or write.All slaves weren't allowed to read or write at all or even learn to read or write because of fear that the slaves might revolt back to the whites after reading the constitution and what it states about all of the people of America. Most of the only people who know how to read were very rich and popular,like Benjamin Franklin.


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