Cats! by Lewis

There are lots of types of cats (these include Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Sphinx, Siamese, Birman, Persian, Abyssinian and Manx).

Cats walk with both left legs and then both right legs.

The Maine Coon (picture shown) is the heaviest type of cat. weighing up to 12KG (The same weight as a small TV)!

There isn't a single reference to a cat in the bible.

Cats have been domesticated -kept as pets- 4000 years ago.

Cats can't survive on a vegetarian diet.

Most cats are left handed..... err I mean left pawed

Cats are 23-25 cm tall but the smallest one was 14cm tall!

The largest breed of domesticated is the ragdoll

The average body temperature is 38.6°C(101.48°F).

The average age for a cat is 13-17

When black death rolled around, people killed all cats (!)

I hope you enjoyed my Adobe Spark Page and remember cats are the best!!!

Wow You Found Me!!


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