How Aboriginals Survived In The Early Days BY RISHI MAHENDRANATHAN

What did Aboriginals use if they got sick? Did they use any type of medicines?

Bundjalung Aboriginal people from New South Wales crushed tea-tree leaves and put it on wounds and drank it like tea for throat pain. Bush medicine leaves were collected by the women. Bush medicine leaves could cure headaches. When the leaves of the shrub are green they were gathered by women and ground up using a stone. All food and medicine came from the sea.

Aboriginal medicine!

How did they hunt?

Fast animals like kangaroos and dingoes are hard to catch. Hunters creep up close and threw a spear at them. That is called stalking. Some Aboriginals camouflaged them selves like grass and then killed the animals. One way to find animals was to look for the signs they leave, like tracks, manure and smells.


How did they fish?

Indigenous people made hooks out of shell, bone and wood. You could also kill fish with spears. They also made nets out of grass, leaves and vines. Some nets were placed across creeks to catch fish swimming past.


What do the flag colours represent?

Black represents the colour of the Indigenous people. Yellow represents the sun. Red represents earth.

Indigenous flag!

Indigenous Land!

Indigenous and English mixed National Anthem!


Indigenous Australian flags | NAIDOC

Aboriginal Culture - Aboriginal Bush Foods

Book: Fishing. Author: Linda Bruce and Zita Hilbert-Bruce. Published: 2004

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Book: First Australians and the early settlers. Author: Melanie Guile. Published: 2015

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