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My name is Tobias Palmberg. I am a photographer and a teacher, adventurer and a nature lover. I see beauty in the little things and I am amazed over nature's stunning beauty. I love to meet new people and to tell their story through my pictures. This is what i do.

Skjerffe, Sarek Sweden
Åsens by, Småland Sweden
Jönköpingsgalan, Jönköping Sweden
Tjasskávárásj, Sarek Sweden
Komosse nature reserve, Sweden
Aktse, Sarek Sweden
Niehterjávrre, Sarek Sweden
Cerro Otto, Bariloche Argentina
White-faced capuchin, Punta Uva Costa Rica
Three toed sloth, Punta Uva Costa Rica
Ghost glass frog, Yatama Costa Rica
Sarapiquí, Costa Rica
Skjerffe, Sarek Sweden

For business inquiries, contact me at: tobiaspalmbergphoto@gmail.com

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Tobias Palmberg Palmberg


Tobias Palmberg

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