portfolio Benji Nieto


I enjoyed doing this video because i made it with some of my friends and it was fun to record and to edit.


i really liked working in this homework because i needed to listen to music to complete it and i listen to music all the time so it was a easy assignment for me,


i liked the gossip project because it kind of refresh my mind in some subjects that i forgot because we learned them like at the start of the semester and this was like a more interactive project and i liked that.


this project was very interesting because i think it's very important to read to be more intelligent and learn more and this is what we needed to do to accomplish it so i liked that.


Created with images by PixelAnarchy - "home building wall" • skeeze - "windows building pattern" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Wall" • schaerfsystem - "graffiti berlin wall wall" • StockSnap - "yellow wall building"

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