Farewell to Carlmont Dance by Lizzy Hall

If I had to compare my experience in Carlmont Dance to anything, I would compare it to a rollercoaster ride.

It was filled with plenty of highs, but it was also filled with many unexpected twists and turns. It was a time of constant change among the dancers as well as the teachers.

In my three years of Carlmont Dance, I had three different teachers, three different lockers in the locker room, three winter shows, three spring shows, and seven assemblies. However, I only had one graduating class that I could call my own.

Through the ups and downs of the program (such as having the spring show taken away and then fighting to get it back, and losing a teacher who had been the heart of the program), the class of 2019 held it together.

Although the ride was scary at times, and filled with uncertainty, there was comfort in knowing that this group was in it together for the long run. The ride kept moving at full speed for three years, never slowing down, but we were all in it together.

But now, as we turn the last bend, the car starts to slow. The seven seniors, including me, have to get off and say goodbye to a program and a community that we have called home for the last few years. However, as the seniors say their goodbyes, the rest of this program prepares for another go around the track.

I warn the rest of the dancers, especially the juniors, that time flies. Before they know it, their time to say goodbye will come. So, savor these final moments: homecoming, football games, dances, and performances.

The legacy set by the class of 2019 will exist far into the future as this group set the groundwork for the future of the program and fought for what they believed was right.

I could not be more proud to be a part of this group of strong, independent, and determined ladies who did not let any obstacles get in their way.

And to the rest of Carlmont Dance, I thank you for three amazing years. I can not wait to watch you all succeed and hope you enjoy and savior the rest of the ride because once it is over, there is no going back.

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