Lake Macintosh By: Esha & Sail

There was a boy. Unlike many other kids his age, he was quite interested the world around him. Particularly, the lake behind his school.
This isn’t the average lake, it was Lake Macintosh. Mac is located at the heart of the small town he lived in. Lake Mac was also the main water source of the town.

Everyday after the boy was done school, he would go walk along the shore home. But one day he discovered something quite surprising. There were fish on the shore, quite a few actually. Upon coming closer, he realized something! There were all dead.

the young boy had rarely seen anything of this sort. He had seen a couple lately, a little more than usual. Though the boy didn't think much of it. But this many?

He slowly counted each fish. “1…, 2…, 3..,4…,”. He counted about 9 of the scaly creatures.

he scrunched his tiny nose in disgust, due to both the sight and the ratchet smell. He ran as fast as his short legs could in order to inform his parents due to the atrocious sight.

“MOM! DAD! Something has happened at the lake! All the fishes are DEAD!” He exclaimed. His mother did not reply, as she was busy making a snack for her son. The boy tugged on her shirt once, and repeated what he had said. “That's nice”, she replied. The boy exasperated, gave up and simply ate his snack in silence thinking about the poor little fish.

The next day, the young boy got ready and went to school. He went to his friends houses waited for them since they walk together. As his friend came towards him, she coughed loudly. Her face looked unpleasant, slightly pale in a way. “Are you ok?” The boy asked. She simply shrugged her shoulders.

As they arrived to school, they noticed that there weren't many people. Since the boy attended a small school, it wasn't hard to notice when people were absent. The boy didn't feel like it was the right time to say anything about the dead fishes.

They sat in their seats and realized that the number of kids away was larger than what they expected. Only 15 kids sat in the classroom.

The boy was very confused. What had happened? It usually only looked like this during flu season, but the sun was shining and it was very much summer. He decided it was simply a coincidence. Hopefully everyone was ok.

Over the next few days, the number of kids at school reduced and there were more and more dead fish. The young boy did not want to go there in fear of getting sick. His mother listened for once as she had noticed her colleagues getting ill as well.

No one tried to identify the issue. Everyone was getting ill but no one decided to tackle the issue. The boy decided that enough was enough. He brought out sheets of printer paper and a box of his favourite crayons.

“Deer mayor..” He wrote. “Recently a lot of people have been getting sick!! Even the fishes at the lake are dying ☹ Please do something about it!! I want to go to school and the lake again ☹”. He found an envelope, and proceeded to fold his letter and place it in it.

He decided to go and drop it at the mayor's office himself. He got onto his bike and rode towards the building.

The young boy simply went in. No one took notice of the small child. He eventually found a room that was labelled “Mayor”. Kneeling, he looked under the closed door to see if anyone was there. Just as he was about to slip his letter under the door. . .

“uh, hello?” a fruity voice asked behind him. “What are you doing you here boy? Shouldn't you be on your way home from school?”

The mayor opened the door and welcomed the boy in her office “Mrs. Mayor!!!” The boy exclaimed. “I have something verrryyyyyy important to tell you!!” Said the little boy after they walked in the Mayor's office.The mayor nodded and signaled for the boy to continue. “All of my friends at school are getting sick and the fish in Lake Mac are dying!!!”

The mayor took his letter and pursed her lips. “Indeed, I've noticed that there has been a problem”. She brought the boy to a close water fountain, and pressed a button. The water was very dirty, and unpleasant to look at.

She opened the meeting room, where no one sat. “Everyone is sick and no one is coming to work We think it is because our water in Lake Mac is polluted which is affecting our food and environment.”

“I'm going to hold a town meeting and try to find a solution. I have hired some scientists that are already working on identifying the problem. It'll be okay, little boy”.

A few days passed, and everyone was huddled into a small room. The mayor spoke boldly and started to discuss the issue.

“According to the scientists, there was contamination in the lake. The lake was being polluted from a certain source. Unfortunately, the source is unidentified. However, the scientists’ created a chemical that was put in the water treatment plant to help clean out the polluted water.

Everyone went on with their day, hoping to recover from whatever illness they had gotten.

Days had gone by, yet people were still getting sick! Everyone was confused and frustrated. The Mayor had to figure out where the source is..

The Mayor had found the specific source of the polluted water. Turns out that the nearby factory was pumping their wastewater directly into the lake without going through the water treatment plant.

The mayor had the company change its policies. All the water would have to be redirected to the water treatment plant. That way, no more water pollution would occur from the factory’s wastewater.

An announcement was made and all of the town was alerted of this good news.The residents in the small town slowly recover as their food source was no longer contaminated and Lake Macintosh was clean again!

Most importantly, the little boy could play at his safe haven again!


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