SkoGlobe 2019 the paly voice

Students eagerly anticipate the penultimate day of SkoGlobe performers from tarps spread out on the Quad. SkoGlobe is an ASB-organized music festival featuring student performers, and is the most recent in a series of such events. Photo: Margaret Li
Senior Zach Weitzman, a member of Oscar's Band Tribute Band, creates an exciting spectacle as he dives headfirst onto a water slide in front of student spectators. Photo: Margaret Li
SkoGlobe also featured various stations set up throughout the week, including a table of portraits created by Paly art students on the third day of the festival. Photo: Margaret Li
Senior Lucas Washburn plucks at the strings of his electric guitar, performing alongside the other members of student band Garage Mahal. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Sophomore Eric Sheffer belts out "Treat You Better" by Shawn Mendes, accompanied by the applause of Paly ASB. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Oscar's Band Tribute Band performs in front of the Paly student body, utilizing a medley of instruments to produce a unique sound. Photo: Margaret Li
Senior David Foster concentrates as he paints a design on the hand of fellow senior Rosa Schaefer Bastian. Photo: Margaret Li

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