About - below you will see a list of all the activities Miss Sachs's 2nd grade class is doing at Carroll Christian Schools

Floor time for letters and sounds as a reward for keeping all belongings in the cubbies!
Field trip to the Farm Museum!
We were fortunate enough to have Mrs. Shcott bring their two baby lambs and teach us about them! Thank you! They were so cute!!
Presenting our animal projects! We loved Jaiden’s poster all about frogs!
Reviewing multiplication facts!
Dr. Seuss week! Students looked great in their character outfits and we watched a movie too!
Chapel opener on Monday and students of the month for January and February.
A little Cat in the Hat snack during Dr. Seuss week!
Nap time at school?? I think yes! During Dr. Seuss week students brought their pillows to school on “Sleep Book” day.
Cat in the hat day! We are wearing our favorite hats!
Taking care of your teeth is important!
Writing our spelling words as secret messages with white crayon!
Eating our truffula tree snack during Dr. Seuss week!
Reviewing special sounds with a matching game.
Taking advantage of the spring-like days last week!
Celebrating Valentines Day with exchanging valentines, playing a fun game, and a cool candy heart science experiment!
Olympics Unit! Having fun playing our own version of Olympic Games.
Reviewing special sounds with a card passing game.
Practicing our spelling poem by illustrating each stanza.
Money Centers! Matching, counting, and designing coins of our own!
Luca is feeding the blend monster a special sound!
Although we practice penmanship, sometimes we try silly ways to write our words.
Second Quarter Academic Awards Chapel. Congratulations hard workers!
Trying out life in colonial days by creating our own horn books.
Practicing punctuation by using facial expressions.
Some students demonstrating which number is greater than or less than.
We are starting our chapter on money! “Coin” you believe it?!
Happy birthday to Jaiden and Josh L.!
Bella was our Student of the Month for December!
Our two seniors from Senior Servant sale were put to work painting nails, cleaning out desks, and even were kind enough to throw us an ice cream party! Thank you!! 12. Bella was our Student of the Month for December!
Opening chapel - leading pledges, prayer, and singing.
Showing our Patriot Pride!
“Can you hear me now!?” These boys dressed up as old men for Circle of Life Day. We also had some adults and some creative Holiday Day costumes!
Spirit Week! It’s so fun when you get to dress up for school!
Christmas Party!!!!
Citrus filled the air as we made orange pomanders with oranges and cloves.
A craft you can eat? I think yes! Students use gum drops and toothpicks to build 3D structures.
A surprise visitor!
Caroling at the Town Mall!
In math we’ve been leaning about 2-digit subtraction. This is a hard concept so students are helping to illustrate the process.
Line ‘em up! We are playing a game where students move back a seat when they get the correct answer to practice our math facts.
Reviewing our special sounds by using the clue words in sentences.
Our field trip to the Turkey Hill Experience!
How tall are you? Ever measured yourself in pencil lengths? You might want to try it!
Learning our spelling words is fun when we get to use PlayDo!
Feeling warm? We learned about body temperature and tested it out on each other.
Our class thanksgiving feast complete with our very own placemats!
Shake, shake, shake! Just a little heavy cream in a jar and voila! Homemade butter! Some were surprised to find it didn’t taste exactly like the butter they had in the fridge at home.
Tried a new game in math - solve the problems and build your log cabin!
The kids love computer class so much, we thought we’d give it a shot in the classroom “typing” out our spelling words!
We used salt to make some pretty cool turkey paintings!
Thank you veterans! One even showed us his dog tags! And we had some very special visitors show up.
We celebrated Landon’s birthday on Monday with some cupcakes and some pretty snazzy shades! Happy Birthday, Landon!
We opened for Academics Awards Chapel on Monday. Great job to everyone and their hard work!
Our first field trip of the year to Goucher College!
Can you draw without looking? We tried! We are practicing our special sounds and writing them on our heads!
Playing a spelling game!
Practicing our spelling words by “drawing” them on each other’s backs!
After reading Aesop’s Fable, “The Crow and the Pitcher,” we did our own experiment with water and rocks.
Who said memorizing a poem isn’t fun? We acted ours out!
Reading group! Like the ant, we should strive to be diligent about our work!
Practice makes Permanent! 2nd grade has done a lot of review on time to help us get better!
Practice makes Permanent! 2nd grade has done a lot of review on time to help us get better!
Saying our Bible verse and books of the Bible for the grandparents.
Grandparents Day!
Hi-YAAAH! Dividing words between double consonants is fun if you’re a karate master.
One of our favorite parts of the day - reading The Magic Tree House!
We had a lot of fun at the Walk-a-thon and enjoyed all the different activities!
Remember these? Students got to practice their letters and sounds in a chalkboard.
We celebrated Titus’s birthday on Monday. Happy birthday Titus!
Congratulations to Landon our student of the month for September! Great job!
Get ready to draw your gun quickly! Students battle for the correct answer in this shooter showdown.
Polly want a cracker? An unexpected guest came to visit last week. She is a beautiful parrot named Ruby.
In the spotlight! We became actors and actresses as we acted out some of our spelling words.
My fish was thiiiiis big! Students fish for suffixes to add to root words.
Apple Day! Students learn about and enjoy tasting all different kinds of apples. We even got to experiment with an apple volcano!
In the spotlight! Josh B., Summer, Jaiden and Landon started us off in our Adventure through Reading where students get to bring in their favorite book and read to the class.
Our hopping clsss pet “Crash!” We learned cool facts about gray tree frogs and got to investigate our own. We said goodbye to him on Tuesday afternoon and watched as he hopped off to his family.
The bug crew is on the hunt to search for food for Crash!
Don’t get eaten by the alligator! Remembering the symbols for less than and greater than can be hard, but our alligator friends were here to help us.
Second grade did a great job as the opener for chapel on Monday. We were happy to see some parents come to watch.
Pencil, Paper, Posture - all good skills we practice during penmanship.
Noah P. unravels a black snake skin for the class to see. Good thing it’s just the skin!
Snaaaaake!!! It’s always a surprise to see what students will bring for Show and Tell.
BINGO!! Students try to get four in a row while practicing their math facts.
We had a great time at the elementary spiritual retreat on Tuesday with a superhero theme! We participated in games, listened to Bible stories about heroes of the faith and made a Pom Pom shooter craft (we even got to test them out - thanks 6th graders)! At the end of the day we cooled off with some rocket popsicles.
Playing a game is fun, but it's even better when its human sized and we get to be the pieces!
We put our detective skills to the test as we searched for special sounds picture clues in our Letters and Sounds scavenger hunt.
We became architects as we learned about and built our own Tower of Babel and talked about the danger of trusting in ourselves to get where we need to be.
Playing "Silent Cat" as an indoor brain break. Don't talk or you're out!
How good are your direction skills? Noah M. helps demonstrate how Abram trusted God to lead him to a new land without knowing where to go.
Students make paper chain links in math to help visualize equations.
Getting to work hands on by building syllables in words!
We love getting to write on the board and being a teacher helper.
Using emojis to mark long and short vowels. Which emoji are you?
Every king and queen needs their royal subjects, or in this case, royal vowels!
Carpet time with the question ball.
We love using our dry erase boards for reviews and fun games!
Nothing better than a fun hand game to help memorize our double facts!
Learning the names of the numbers in an addition problem.
Can you balance a pencil on YOUR head? Students test their balancing skills as a sign they are ready to start math!
Listening intently to our language lesson.
Catching some numbers in our math warm up!
Joshua B. tells us all about himself as part of our "get-to-know-you" the first day of school.

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