Patrick Tanba Tailor

Patrick Tanba has been struggling as a Tailor for many years, simply because his close vision focusing has been diminishing. Seeing the tape measure, threading the needle and cutting cloth have all become extremely hard to judge. Patrick managed to purchase a cheap pair of glasses from a market many years ago but they quickly broke.

Hearing on the radio that a Vision Aid Overseas eye care team were visiting Koindu health clinic, Patrick realised that this might be his only chance to regain his sight and carry on with his career. His hope was justified when he returned with a new pair of glasses, with the perfect strength to allow him to see his sewing machine again.

"I thought I would have to give up being a Tailor, as it had become impossible to thread a needle and to retain the accuracy in my work. I cannot believe the difference a pair of glasses make. I can see everything as though I had young eyes again!"

A few words from Patrick

Patrick with family and friends outside his Tailor shop
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Graham Coates


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