Negotiated Project Laura beattie

Current trends from Autumn/Winter 2017/18 - Colour block and bold colours has been seen throughout many of the shows and has been a key trend for this season. It has been brought through to the High Street and I think is a Theme that will be adapted into something new.
Current trends from Autumn/Winter 2017/18 - Florals are always featured on the Runway shows, but not quite as heavily as this and in so many different ways. Each designer has interpreted Florals in their own unique ways. Following my research into Spring/Summer 2018 Florals will be something that will still be heavily featured, just used in a new way.
Current trends from Autumn/Winter 2017/18 - Checks can be interpreted in so many different ways, as you can see here. Just by using different colourations and scales they can look so unique. This was quite a heavy feature this season, and in my opinion, quite Autumnal. The theme will be used in Spring/Summer 2018 but move more into Gingham which looks like a key print for next season.
Current trends from Autumn/Winter 2017/18 - One of my favourite trends from this season. It can change the look of a garment so much, and makes a statement without having to wear a bold print or bold colour. A lot of designers embraced this trend although it wasn't a key Theme for most of the designers, it was mainly just used on a few garments.
After visiting the Premier Vision Website, I could not believe how much access you have to the latest trends and how easy it is to access the Fabrics. I have found the website very useful.
Prints and textures for Spring/Summer 2018
Prints for Spring/Summer 2018
Tropical prints for Spring/Summer 2018
Colour swatches for Spring/Summer 2018
Fabric and materials for Spring/Summer 2018
The Textiles Forum page isn't quite as accessible but they do have a blog page which I found very useful and interesting.
Prints and fabrics from the last Textiles Forum Show.
Images from Textile Forum Blog from previous shows.
Lace from Textile Forum

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