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Traditional clothing for men is a loose white shirt with long pants. The shirt can be with or without embroidery and sometimes wear straw hats and bandanas. For girls a dress of one or two colors and usually with embroidery and some kind of adornment for their hair.

Typical everyday clothing is pretty similar to us except you're not going to see a Nicaraguan walking around in air Jordans or Yeezys. They usually just wear a simple t-shirt and jeans, shorts or skirt.

Nicaragua has a very tropical climate. You can split Nicaragua into dos seasons, a dry season and a wet season. The dry season is referred to as summer and the wet season as winter. Nicaraguas climate is humid because it lies between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.

The flag of Nicaragua is based on the flag of the Federal Republic of Ceentral America. The dos blue stripes represent the oceans that border Nicaragua. The white stripe in the middle represents the land and its pureness. The equilateral triangle in the center signifies the countries equality. The five mountains represent the union between the five Central American colonies. The rainbow over the mountains signifies peace. Last, the Phrygian cap (what a smurf wears) resembles freedom.

A nacatamale is like a tamale but way more fatty and wrapped in a banana leaf instead of a corn husk. It is usually filled with pork, chile, peppers, tomatoes, and different kinds of nuts. On special occasions they will put a slab of juicy pig fat in the center for flavor.

Gallo pinto is the main food eaten in Nicaragua. It consists of something you'd never guess beans and rice! The beans are cooked with salt and garlic, the rice is cooked in vegetable oil, yellow onion, green bell pepper, and water or chicken broth.

The population of all of Nicaragua is 5.101 million compared to the US's at 282.2 million there is a huge difference, a difference of 2.279 million to be exact. In Nicaragua the rate of death goes at a steady rate. In the United States the rate is pretty low then goes down.

Nicaraguan money is known as the Córdoba. Uno US dollar is the equivalent to 29.65 Córdoba. Nicaragua's economy has gone up and down in the past years but in 2016 started on a high note. It's not the best economy but is substantial.

Nicaraguas goverment is a democracy. They are not ruled by kings, queens, or a dictator. Although the current president Daniel Ortega used to be the dictator of Nicaragua. Some people still see him as a dictator.

Nicaragua gained independence September 15, 1821. In 1821 the central America Nations declared independence from spain. On September 15 they were finally granted freedom. The national language of Nicaragua is Spanish although some speak English as well.

Over 90% of Nicaraguas people are from Christian dominations. Around 7% are of the Moravian church and 0.1% are of the Episcopal church. Nicaragua is very christian, each year on Christmas eve children dress up as a character from the nativity and parade around Nicaragua.

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