Environment Evaluation Simon davies

For this outcome, I used a variety of different environments to photograph these have been, trip to Brecon Beacons in wales, days out shooting at Eglinton Park and Irvine Maritime Museum. This also then went on to a day out shooting street photography in Glasgow and Whitelee’s Wind Farm and Pylons around the countryside. From these excursions, I gained experience from doing street photography, Night and Land/Seascapes.

Brecon Beacons

Trip to Brecon Beacons came after a weekend away and had to be taken over the two days, first day it started raining and people were packing everything away, the second day was better weather and allowed me to take images that were captured, the only issue I had while taking the images, was the environment was very messy and cluttered with vehicles and motorhomes in the background, taking the shots from the other direction then didn’t show craftsman it just showed the backs of them.

Above shows the images that were taken but with the background mess, having to get a better image without the background involved me getting in closer with the craftsman to capture the final images, doing this also helped with capturing the finer detailing and textures within the environment. Composition for the images has craftsman mainly centre framed but still showing their surroundings with cut off pieces of tree and showing the final product result. Main focus within the images has been on the man with chainsaw, with him carving a bear figure

Eglinton Park

These images were taken at Eglinton Park, one of the issues I had taking these images was it was a very dull overcast day towards the end of autumn, took them around this time of year because I wanted to capture the colour contrast between the evergreen trees and the yellows/browns from the falling leaves off other trees, images taken throughout the park gives different viewpoints

The above images show different part to the country park, first image of decaying bridge that should be white but has been left for algae to start forming on it, second image is of the ruins of the old Eglinton Castle with different colours coming from the surrounding trees and final image is leaf covered path framed with nearly naked trees with a variety of colours and contrasting tonal range, the different colours and viewpoints captured helped to achieve a good final image.

Irvine Maritime Museum

The images captured at this environment were a selection of different boats and cogs and other mechanisms within the workings of boats and ships. These images were then carried forward to the surrounding area outside the Museum to give an insight within the area.

The above images just gives an idea of what was captured from the docked ship with full centre frame with good tonal range in the sky to the plain matt colours of the ship, the abstract uniformity of the roof beams, I converted to black and white this gives better tones with the contrast of beams to roof also to the decaying clock on harbour house, showing the rust and contrast of the old flaking paint.

Glasgow Street

Day out in Glasgow although it wasn’t the best weather it was good enough to get some good images, some images were taken of the different murals around Glasgow and images were then taken of people within the town just going about their daily business, trying to take images of people without them noticing was very hard this resulting in some trying to hide, others were just too concerned with what they were doing that they didn’t even notice. Then there is the environmental side to what people do with just general everyday rubbish with a bin right at hand, finally images were taken of different architectural buildings within and around Glasgow some with an abstract view and just the sheer greatness of the building.

The above images show different styles of urban photography and taken at different times of the day this also gave me the chance to view things that are sometimes not seen as you just don’t look for what’s right in front of us. The building’s in the above images I took these images as I feel they give a uniformed but also abstract view of the building.

Whitelees Windfarm

Following an excursion to Whitelees Windfarm it gave a clear insight into a different kind of environment for pollution/energy source, the sheer size of the wind turbines far outdone my expectations as they are a lot bigger. Initially the weather at the windfarm was very misty and grim this didn’t help as you couldn’t see all the turbines, later in the day the weather got better and this allowed to capture some good images of the turbines, some images captured show the size scale other just the turbines and what the effect they have on the surrounding beautiful landscape.

The above images from around the windfarm site show a range of different perspectives of the windfarm, one image show the sheer scale of size when it has a Transit van parked at the base of the turbine. Other show what effects the turbines are having on the landscapes. From this trip to windfarm I feel the only issue I had was the sunlight when it finally arrived as certain ways you tried to get view it was causing lens flare, this resulting in having to shoot with the sun behind me for most of the images.


The pylons environment I visited a couple of times and in different weathers to try and get a different perspective of them within the countryside, images were taking when the weather was dull and misty showing pylons disappearing into the mist and other was taken on clear day, only problem I had with the images was the horizon appears to be off and lower at one side this due to pylons being on hill so it was an uneven surface.

The above images show the different scale of the pylons with good lead lines and shows again what impact it has on the environment, where the structures are big bold and not very nice to look at yet other countries are creating pylons that look more like art sculptures and better to look at.

Other Environments

For other Environments, I looked at seascapes and captured people in their environment fishing off the end of a pier, this image has been captured showing good level horizon and well exposed without blowing out the sky or other bright surroundings. I also looked at night photography by way of star trails and captured some good imagery from this some better than others. Although there are many ways of capturing star trails I chose to capture it as on long exposure, this also give problems due to light pollution from surrounding areas, this sometimes added to the night image other times it caused what could have been a good image to go bad.

Overall from the different and variety of images that I have taken I feel that I have enjoyed some environments more than others, the images I have taken show a wide range of subjects and have been taken with composition and lighting in mind. I feel from the images I have taken, the final images show a good level of understanding of what is environmental photography. All images have been taken using different techniques, some taken using timers, others with remotes this was done to reduce camera shake on images and due to the situation for long exposures or slow shutter speed. From the range of environments, I also found that there is a solution to most problems this given to the good range of final imagery.

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