Does eating breakfast improve school performance? Self-Designed Exhibit 1

My Hypothesis

If I eat breakfast in the morning, I will be up and more alert in class. My performance will improve.

My Methods

I kept a journal documenting what I did and how I feel. I wanted to see the effect for my 9 am PRTM class, which is a more active class compared to a regular lecture class.

My Results

My grades actually went down. This could be because of the difficultly of the assignments but before I was making 100 on Assignments.

My Refection

Based on the results of my study, my hypothesis was incorrect. I assume that my performance would improve if I ate breakfast but instead I seen the negative affect. I assume many factors cause this affect like what I was eating, whether I was full or not, and how earlier I had to wake up. If I could change this Experiment I would conduct this experiment for a longer time and eat the same thing each day. also i would include multiple classes instead of one. hopefully these improvements would eliminate the variables of human error.


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