Genius Hour Cancer research

Week 1 -- 2.24.17

I made this website to track my progress with the Genius Hour Project. My topic is cancer research, mostly focusing on how normal people like us can help and what simple, everyday things we can change to prevent cancer. In the next few weeks, I want to learn much more about cancer, and by the end of the school year, I hope to have shared this information with my friends and peers. Today, I hope to finish creating this blog, and next week, I will begin to research on ways to help with cancer research.

Week 2 -- 3.3.17

This week, I began researching how people can donate to help with cancer research. I looked on websites such as the Children's Cancer Research page and the American Institute for Cancer Research page. Today, I hope to visit at least three websites for information, and next week, I hope to research more and find a good way to present this information. Next week, I will continue to research on how to how to donate.

Week 3 -- 3.10.17

This week I researched more on how to donate for cancer research, and I'm trying to find a good website maker to present my information. I have not found one yet, but I will try to next week. The research has been going well. I found out that you can also donate cars to cancer organizations. Next week, my goal is to find a website maker and research on what marathons do to help cancer research.

Week 4 -- 3.24.17

Last week, I tried to find a website making . I went on, but it wouldn't let me save if I didn't make an account. Today, I worked on the Genius Hour progress check, and I also tried to find new website making websites. I didn't get much done since I spent most of my time on the progress check. Next week, I hope to really start to format a website to present the information I have found, and I would like to research more.

Week 5 -- 3.31.17

Last week, I didn't work very much on finding a website, so this week I'm going to try to make one on Many people have suggested this website to me. I hope to do the front page today, so people can see what my project is on and what my main goals for this project are. Next week, I hope to continue researching.

Week 6 -- 4.14.17

Last week, I started to set up a website on I made the front page and put my focus questions. This week, I will continue to research so I will have enough information to present well.

Week 7 -- 4.21.17

Last week, I did more research. This week I need to do more research because I don't have enough. I will also set up either a website or powerpoint. I have been having trouble with making a website, so making a powerpoint may be easier. If I make a powerpoint, I will make pamphlets, too.

Week 8 -- 5.5.17

This week I worked on the second genius hour check. I also formatted some of my website. I will admit, I am not nearly done. I will need a lot of work to be done with formatting and possibly more research. Next week, I hope to put more information on the website.

Week 9 -- 5.12.17

This week, I didn't find much time to work on my project because of the SBAC testing. I wanted to study more, and I had another project for history to work on. This week, however, I need to finish the website and research, so I will need to find time to work on this. Since I go on Wednesday, I hope that I don't just procrastinate until Tuesday.


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