Power edTech Weekly October 19, 2020

This week’s edition focuses on some Google Classroom tips, how to remotely assist students with tech issues, and using Google Sheets to help teach Charts and Tables.

Getting Help

If you are in need of any assistance regarding any edTech issue, please reach out. Also, I’ve updated the Students & Families help center on gorams.tech/help so you can direct anyone needing help with at-home learning there to get the assistance they need.

This Week’s Quick Tips!

Assisting Students Remotely

When students and teachers are separated by distance, solving tech issues can be difficult. Google Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension that can easily be installed in Google Chrome and will allow one person to help another person. This can come in very handy to diagnose potential issues with a student’s computer, or to help out a less tech savvy colleague. Read more...

Using Google Sheets to teach Charts and Tables

Google Sheets is often considered a red-headed step-child within the set of Google tools (similar to Microsoft Excel). Of all the Google and Microsoft apps available, it is one of the “geekier” apps because of all of the complicated formulas and math involved. Read more...

Google Classroom Quick Tips

As Google Classroom becomes more and more the hub of your online classroom, here are some quick tips to help you through it:

  • Return incomplete work in Google Classroom - Sometimes students "forget" to turn in their work or "mistakenly" turn in an assignment that they didn't fully complete. Here's what to do.
  • Create an Archive Topic - As the year goes on, work accumulates in your Classwork tab. Here's a way to create an "Archive Topic" so that you can dump completed assignments and keep the fresh stuff at the top.
  • Turn of Classwork in the Stream - Turning off Classwork in the Stream is a great way to compartmentalize your Google Classroom. The Stream remains for discussion/Q&A purposes and the Classwork tab is where students find all their work and materials.

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