Descriptive Writing By angel

Hey there, my name's Angel If you didn't know already. Anyways lets get to the point, so here are a few things about me, I'm known as the short or cute infant Asian girl whose hair is always "soft and shiny", I'm quite a humble person and I love trying new things,I have small mini freckles spread around my chubby cheeks and a set of vivid brown eyes and I have a medium length of smooth silky brunette hair.

My Ethnicity is Vietnamese but I was born in New Zealand, both my parents are Vietnamese and so are my siblings. My parents were originally born in Vietnam but in 1987 my mums family and she moved to New Zealand and in 1991 my dad and his family came to New Zealand. My parents decided to move to New Zealand because their parents wanted them to live in a better society and a calm place and so they could receive more opportunities here rather than Vietnam. they also wanted to move here because they wanted to start a family here where it was more peaceful, so overall that's why my siblings and I was born in New Zealand.

This is a stunning place in Halong,Vietnam with a great view.

On November 5th, 2003 I was born in Middlemore hospital, I belonged to affectionate parents who cherished me. Growing up I was quite lonely for a few years as because I was the only child at the time but then In 2009 and 2010 my mum gave birth to my two sisters. In that year gap, I was then rewarded with two energetic toddlers, I had enjoyed the company at the time and I liked the role of being the oldest so therefore I was able to to do what I wanted to do and didn't have to be bossed around and how I had to set a good example.Years later as time flew by we all grew up and we started having sibling arguments and calling one another annoying, my sisters are now currently seven and the other one is eight years old. It can be a handful sometimes dealing with annoying siblings and how I have to clean up after them but I guess I'm used to it.

In my spare time I usually like to sit somewhere quiet and plug in some headphones and jam out with some calming music while reading an adventurous book on my other hand or sometimes I just like to chill in my comfy room and snuggle in my little study table and do some art and sketching to get my creativity going.I personally like reading in my spare time because it gets my mind off things and it takes me away from reality.

In school, my favourite classes are Japanese, Art, P.e and social studies.My favourite subject would probably be English because I like doing literacy more than the other subjects. At school, I hang out with a few enthusiastic people who are always full of laughter and glee which are Emily, Esha,Kristen,Pranjal, Alavina,Mele and etc.. . My goals towards my Highschool years is to surround myself with positive and encouraging people so I can be influenced to finish my work and hand in my assessments on time, I want to work hard and be successful and be able to succeed so I can be able to go to University to prove to my parents and friends that I can be a successful person. When I grow up I aspire to be an Immunologist or do something in the Docter category so that I can help save innocent lives.

In conclusion, to sum It all up I hope you now learnt a little bit of something about me and my background and some information about my family and friends.

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