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Racism has been an issue for ever since race was discovered and still is today. It is the most common Topics and arguments today and is still a big problem. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee racism is very involved. There was a man (Tom Robinson) who was taken away his right to freedom and a fair trial just because he was African american. Another instance where an African American was denied his right to a fair trial was the Dred Scott v. Sandford in 1856 where Dred Scott was trying to get his freedom but could not because he was African American and a descendant of a slave. There is also a current problem similar to these. The current problem is people drawing racist graffiti on the campus of EMU and phrases like “Leave N******.” So the African American students there are being denied there simple right to education. These are the reasons why racism takes away people's rights.

Atticus and Tom Robinson from TKM movie

First the historical event. Dred scott was an African American who was a slave in Missouri from 1833-1843. He Lived in Illinois as a free man because slavery was forbidden there. He then went back to Missouri and sued for his freedom and lost. But then took the case to federal courts. The court then decided Dred Scott was a slave Under Articles III and IV. He was denied his freedom because he was an African American and also denied a free trial. Scotts lawyer even said, “no pure blooded n**** of African descent and the descendant of slaves can be a citizen.” This is similar to TKM because both men were denied a free trial and their freedom. A quote from TKM that supports this was said by Atticus Finch, “When it’s a white man's word against a black man’s the white man always win. They’re ugly but these are the facts.” This is saying that just because skin of someone's skin color someone else's words have more say even if they’re wrong.

This is Dred Scott

Next is the current event. On the Eastern Michigan campus racist graffiti has been found numerous times on buildings. The first time graffiti was found the phrase said, “KKK.” was found on a building. The KKK was also common during the same time period as TKM was set at. The next racist graffiti found was on ford hall with it saying, “Leave n******.” The people doing this is trying to take away African Americans right to education just based off skin color. The reward set for whoever did this is up to ten thousand dollars and there has been numerous protest. This relates to TKM because in TKM the mob wanted tom to leave and for him to leave and made threats, and the people doing the graffiti wanted them to leave and also it is sort of a threat. On page 172 the mob was at the jail talking to atticus finch defending Tom and said, “You know what we want, get out of the way Mr.Finch.” This shows their aggression towards Tom and how similar they are to the KKK.

This is the second graffiti found on Ford Hall

In conclusion racism is a very important issue right now and always will and has been. It is able to take away people's rights including education, fair trial, and basic freedom. We know these from new and old events like the Dred Scott v Sandford case and the racist graffiti found at EMU. What we need to think about now is how we can end racism and make sure everyone has their basic rights. If racism has been taking away people's rights for so long what is going to be able to stop it now?

End racism through unity image

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