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Anne frank biography

Exploring Anne Frank's Amsterdam

The secret annex

The secret annex was the place Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis. The secret annex was next to Anne's father Otto Frank's business. It had few rooms and little to do inside. They had to stay in the small, cramped space for two years. Then they finally were captured by the Nazis and taken to concentration camps.


Ryksmuseum is a museum in Amsterdam. This museum is one of the most famous museums in Amsterdam because Van Gogh's paintings being housed there. This museum house many famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh. It house what could be considered his most famous painting "night watch".

1. Marriage between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood are forbidden. Marriages nevertheless concluded are invalid, even if concluded abroad to circumvent the law. Annulment proceedings can be initiated only by the State Prosecutor.

2. Extramarital intercourse between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood is forbidden.

3. Jews may not employ in their household female subjects of the state of German or related blood who are under 45 years old.

4. Jews are forbidden to fly the Reich or National flag or to display the Reich colors. They are, on the other hand, permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the State.

5. Any person who violates the prohibition under I will be punished by a prison sentence with hard labor. A male who violates the prohibition under I will be punished with a prison sentence with or without hard labor. Any person violating the provisions under III or IV will be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year and a fine, or with one or the other of these penalties. The Reich Minister of the Interior, in coordination with the Deputy of the Führer and the Reich Minister of Justice, will issue the Legal and Administrative regulations required to implement and complete the Law. The Law takes effect on the day following promulgations except for III, which goes into force on January 1, 1936. Nuremberg, September 15, 1935 at the Reich Party Congress of Freedom.

The Nuremberg laws made the Jews feel very seperated from the rest of there fellow Germans. They were almost stripped of there nationality they were no longer German they were just Jews. Even if they wanted to show they were German like the others they weren't even allowed to. That was because they couldn't hang flags with the German flag only the reich flag. Even worse it would leave an impression on the little German kids that Jews were not as good and that they were superior.


Proaganda is used for government to misleads in politics. Propaganda can be used to make you look at something differently like if you are shown a poster that says something about blonde hair you would think of that poster when you see a blonde person. The types of propaganda are demonization, emotional appeals, patriotic appeals, half truth half lie, catchy slogans, visual symbols, and humor. Demonization is making someone one or something look really bad. Half


Anne Frank

She was born June 12 1929. She was a girl who kept a diary while nazi Germany took over theNetherlands. Anne was a funny girl growing up but she could also be serious. She was born three and a half years after her sister. She died in Bergen Belsen February 1945.

Margot Frank

Margot was born on February 16 1926. Margot Frank was Anne's older sister. She was quiet and got good grades in school. She and her sister barely fought while in the secret annex. She died in February 1945 of typhus.

Edith Frank

Edith Frank was born January 16 1900. She was the mother of Anne and Margot Frank. She was married to Otto Frank. Anne Frank did not have that good of a relationship with Edith. January 6 1945 she dies in auschwitz.

Otto Frank

Otto Frank was born on May 12 1889. He marries Edith Hollander. He fathers Anne and Margot Frank. He was really the mastermind and leader of the secret annex. He dies of natural causes after his family dies in camps. He dies on August 19 1980.

Act 1 summary

Act 1 is the introduction to what has happened to the Frank's and the van Daans and Dussel. They are hiding in the secret annex from the nazis. The annex is above mr Frank's business hidden behind a bookshelf that can be moved aside. Lots of things happen in act one such as a thief stealing things from yen store underneath, everyone getting upset at each other, and having to stay quiet. They spend Hanukkah in the annex and have to sing very quietly to not be heard.

Warsaw Ghetto

Hitler destroyed all of the ghettos in 1942. The Warsaw ghetto just happened to be one of them. There where about 400000 Jews in the ghetto. 300000 of the Jews were killed by bullets or gas. 300 Germans died and 7000 Jewish soldiers died. This raised the morale for the Jews because it was a resistance against the nazis.

Act 2 summary

In the act Miep brings the families some cake she made. But they all start to argue because mr. Van Daan gives himself more. Peter and Anne are talking more and start a relationship but Mrs Van Daan is very suspicious of them. So she tries to catch the, and make rude comments about it. Later mr. Van Daan is caught stealing food and Mrs Frank goes ballistic about it she wants to throw him out. Luckily for the Van Daans she does not get her way. They then get a call and the tension is building. Then the green police come and take the families. Then the story cuts back to mr. Frank looking at Anne's diary saying "she puts me to shame."


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