Yellowstone National Park By:Hanna

Location and History

Yellowstone National Park is said to be the most spectacular place in the world. It is located in three different states including North Western Wyoming, Southern Montana, and Eastern Idaho. It is the biggest and oldest national park in the world. Yellowstone was founded on March 1, 1872 by a group of explorers who were sent by the government to search the land. The group of explores told the government that they wanted them to preserve and protect Yellowstone. The extraordinary views and wildlife are what brings visitors to the park. The Organic Act of 1872, was established to protect the park and its values, the government wanted Yellowstone to be for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.

Location of Yellowstone National Park in The United States

Main Attractions

There are many attractions that draw people to Yellowstone National Park. The biggest attraction in Yellowstone is Old Faithful. Old Faithful is the most active geyser in the park. It erupts, close to, every 76 minutes about 20 times a day. When it erupts, it releases about 8,000 gallons of boiling water 100 feet into the air. The eruptions last close to 5 or 6 minutes. In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt visited Yellowstone to see for himself the beauty and characteristics of the park. When the park was founded in 1872, the explorers also found deserted Native American camps and trails. Yellowstone also holds the world biggest super-volcano, which could wipe out half of the United States if it erupted. The waterfalls are very popular at Yellowstone because of the spectacular views. There are very steep and long stairwells that lead down to the base of the huge waterfall called the lower and upper falls.All of these attractions at Yellowstone has contributed to the 3 million visitors every year.

The Upper and Lower Falls


Yellowstone National Park holds the highest amount of geysers in the world. Within one square mile, there are 150 geysers. The biggest geyser is Steamboat Geyser, it rarely erupts, but when it does it shoots hundreds of feet in the air. Yellowstone has 2,219,791 acres of land. In all of that there are about 300 geysers, mud pots, and hot springs.These thermal features have been created by the movement of the tectonic plates throughout North America. The Earths crust thins out, which forms the host spots. Most of these thermal features do not erupt or cause damage. In Yellowstone, there are close top 100 small earthquakes each year. Most of them are undetectable to people. In the center of the park is a caldera, which is the top of the historic super volcano. This caldera is a huge attraction because of its colors.

The Yellowstone Caldera


The wildlife at Yellowstone has had difficulties with increasing and decreasing populations in the past, but experts have been doing a great job trying to fix it.Wildlife is a huge attraction because of the range in animals. Some of the animals are beavers, moose, mountain lions, bobcats, lynx, bison, coyotes, bighorn sheep, elk, antelope, wolves, and bears. There are hundreds of species of bird that occupy Yellowstone. In 1990, the trupeter swan ,an extinct bird was sighted in Yellowstone. The largest animal in the park is the bull bison, which has been known to be very intrusive to visitors. The wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is a very popular attraction.

Buffalo are known to be very invasive


Few people know it but when the visit Yellowstone, the are standing on top of a huge super volcano. This volcano has 3 major magma chambers. The super-volcano's last eruption was said to have been millions of years ago. It is very unlikely that it will erupt in our lifetime, but if it did it would cover half of the United States in ash. Other affects would be climate change, altering rainfalls, sever frosts, dead crops, and famine. Most people that live outside of the red zone think that they will not be affected. But since half of the country would have to move east, so that would increase the population in the east.

Land area covered in ash


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