Triple the Trouble Triple the Blessings

Happy Holidays!

For our family photo shoot this year, we decided to stay close to home. Julie designed the clothing and Matt handled the photography. We are so blessed to be able to live in an 1880s farmhouse, with a barn, yard, and plenty of friendly neighbors. Our boys have made so many memories here so we thought it a fitting place to take family photos. God has been so good to each of us and we have seen His blessing this year in our church and home. We hope you enjoy your family and friends this Holiday Season.

Love, The Marshalls

Three Cheesy Hams

A Collage of Crazy

Sometimes we absolutely laugh our heads off with these boys.
Caden, our 7-year old has grown so much this year. He is now in second grade and is developing rapidly into a wonderful young man. He always has a smile, a laugh, and a very descriptive vocabulary. He remembers things in vivid detail, especially his Sunday School lessons; so just listening to him talk is an adventure. He loves his trampoline, school, Wii, and friends.
Zac, now in 5th grade, has joined the Jr. High basketball team at Heritage Christian in Findlay. He loves to laugh and make people laugh with funny voices, faces, and stories. He is a very conscientious individual with a compassionate heart and an evident love for God.
Tim has reached the teen years!! What a time it is with this fast-paced, dedicated, driven young man. Wow! Up EVERY morning before everyone else, he quickly rouses the troops to prepare their daily lunches, homework, and clothes. He is a very reliable kid. His french horn lessons at Bowling Green State University earned him a chance to play with the High School Band at a regional Christian School Festival. He's in his third year on the HCS Jr. High Basketball team. We are excited about the plans that God has for him.
Trouble comes in threes...
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