The Last Decidedendents Matthew J. Kirby

Paragraph 1/Picture 1: Section 1 is located in the state of New York in New York City. I imagine it to be futuristic and with very large buildings and areas. Along with a more school and small house area.
Paragraph 2/Picture 2: In section one there are many different specific locations. One of them is the main character's grandparents house. Another one of the locations is his high school. And the final location in at a industrial park with a special bus parked next to it.
Paragraph 3/Picture 3: This section has a extreme time jump. It starts of in 1863 way before phones were even thought of. This huge time jump jumps to a time where you have special technology where you have special memory machines.
Paragraph 4/Picture 4: The city has many different areas to it. The city has a more industrial area with large buildings and big banks which can vary in weather because it can be cloudy and sunny. The other part of the city there are houses that get a lot of sunshine and rain which give it the perfect environment for schools and small houses to live in.
Paragraph 5/Picture 5: In the more industrial area it is very populated lots of people walking around and screaming. But if you go to the small houses area there are slots of kids around playing at schools. The areas have different numbers of population but over all the population in very large.
Paragraph 6/Picture's for #6: In this time everyone is wearing something different. Some kids are wearing shorts and shirts and others are wearing business wear. Some of the people like the main character wear hoodies and jeans.
Paragraph 7/Picture 7: In this section of the book the mood I mad and upset. The main character is mad at his grandparents that they are disrespecting his dad and that sets a upset mood. But when he is at school or somewhere else he is calm and not upset.
Paragraph 8/Picture 8: The time that the story takes place really has a effect on the story. Because it is more towards futuristic times it has new things that are very suspenseful waiting to happen. Or because it has the huge time jump you can expect that the time has a connection to the story.


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