About me Elina aslanyan

Hello, my name is Elina, i am 12 years old.
I live in Ridderkerk, since 3 years. I moved from Zeeland to here.
I love drawing, it is my biggest hobby.
I do it when i have the time.
As you could see on the drawings, i am a huge fan of Michael Jackson and The Weeknd.
I also have two brothers, named Eric & Sarkis. The one on the left is 25, and the one on the right is 20.
My birthday is on the 12th of may. Fun fact: My brother his birthday is on the 10th of may, so we celebrate them together.
My ethnic background is Armenian, but i am born in Zeeland.
My goal is to be a lawyer, or a doctor for kids.
My favorite animals are dogs, unfortunaly my mom doesn't allow me to have one. ☹️
This was everything, i hope you learned something about me.

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