Running By: Lucy WedDinG

Definition: Running was split into four events the stadion, diaulos, race in armor, and the dolichos. The stadion was a short distance sprint of 180 m. The diaulos was a running event that was twice the distance of the stadion. During the race in armor runners were to run the distance of a diaulos with a helmet on there head, greaves on their legs, and a shield in their hands. The dolichos was a long distance race.

Rules: The rules for these events were that runners all started at the same time and early beginners were either beaten or disqualified

Interesting fact: during the games contestants were supervised by a umpire. If a contestant cheated they were punished with a beating of a whip or stick. This was significant because outside the games this type of punishment was not allowed to punish free men. The punishment was so severe because the contestants had sworn to Zesus so in cheating they were insulting him with their behavior.

How does this event relate to today? In today day we still have short and long distance races at the olympics which came from the Greeks races.

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