I, Smith Art 1 Portfolio

My goals for this year were to grow as a person and an artist.
Observational Drawings

To draw all of these there was a certain process to get the light source, form and technique correct. The first image is cones. The second image is cylinders. The third image is spheres. The fourth image is four one point cubes. The fifth image is four 2pt cubes. The sixth image is my value scale. The seventh image is my skull drawing. The eighth image is my hand gesture drawing. The ninth image is gesture drawing. The tenth image is my manikin drawing. The eleventh image is my gesture drawing of my shoe


The puppets I painted were the clouds and the elands. The clouds were very simple yet difficult because we couldn't use all of the paint on every spot on the cloud. The elands were by far the most difficult to paint because they needed lots of intricate detail.

It took looks of time and effort to learn how to draw facial features. The technique is very difficult. I used shading to create a sense of touch not flat

Self Portraits

Throughout the semester my self portraits improved massively. I learned more about facial features, color schemes and techniques.


Eyeballs in the sky: I used surrealism to show my personality and emotions. The hyena represents my spirit animal, and the reason they are on the dock like that is because I like to believe that anyone can stand anywhere if they believe in themselves. The eyes in the sky have a meaning about seeing everything from everyone's perspective and thats what I like to do. The paint brush and the moon explain that I like to paint and I like art but I also like to look at the sky and imagine painting from space.

Time is a metaphor: This one represents more of life. Everyone looks at you the same and you want to get away from the people who are similar by listening to music. You only have a certain amount of time on this Earth to accomplish anything.

Clay Mask

The squares represent a dream I had. The eyebrows are paintbrushes because i like to paint. The eyeballs have balls on them to represent the moon. The nose has hands coming out of it because my name, Isabella means devoted to god. The rose means everything thats good has a little bad.

I have learned a lot in art this year. Mostly about technique and incorporating the techniques that I learned into all my art work. The compositions that I have created this semester make me really proud because I have definitely grown as an artist. I have learned a lot about the history of art too. Different ages in the past have change the way art is made and showed. From only painting religious paintings for the church to painting everyday scenes for nobles art changes all the time. I have used paint, pencils, pens, clay and colored pencils to create art this year. Incorporating all those mediums together is a really good variety and I feel like I definitely learned a lot from them.

Pop Art

Art is an art movement that began in the U.S. in the 1950s. Its color in art on color theory. Pop Art tries to incorporate pop culture and famous artists. Andy Warhol's work features icons such as Marilyn Monroe.

Favorite Artists Quote

My favorite artist quote is by Leonardo da Vinci "The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of."

Favorite Piece of Artwork

My favorite peice of artwork from history is The Great Wave of Kanagawa. (1829-1832) By: Katsushika Hokusai Loctaed in a "Private Collection". This peice of art is my favorite because I love the ocean. Woodblock print is a beautiful form of art and I just love looking at this particular peice. The type of talent to create such a print is unbelievable and that's what amazes me.

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