The New President of the U.S.A by: Vani laul

We've arrived to the place were my mom will give her speech so she become the president of the United States of America. My mom never liked the president that we had for 4 years. The Americans are surprised that a war hasten broken out yet. The name of our president is Donald Trump. He is probably the worst president in the world right now. And if my mom doesn't win Canada will be helping him make the wall around Mexico. And nobody wants that.

The white house were the new prisedent will live

"Hurry up Tee, we have to be at the stage in 15 minutes". The place we arrived at is massive, and because my mom is running for president we get a faster way to the stage, but it still takes for ever. When we finally arrived, it was time for my to give her speech and there was a seat at the V.I.P section with my name on it. The speeches that they were giving were so long I almost fell a sleep. I am sure if my mom wins she wont stop talking tonight. The only reason people will vote for my mom is because the just don't want Trump to be the president anymore.

When the speeches were over it was finally time to go home. I was so glad to go home, but then I realized that we have a party to attend, because tonight is the night were the new president will be named. I f my mom wins i don't know what I will do. We are going to live in the white house that's great but i don't know what else i can do. I did think of my mom being the president, but i didn't give it that much thought. Like, will i still go to school? Well its up to my mom. I have so many question for mom, but i don't know if she'll answer them all.

It was time to go to the party for the election. My hearth was beating so fast, i was wondering if it is Trump who is going to win or my mom will. I'm wondering what my would say if she wins. I'm pretty sure she wont stop saying thank you. When they gave the answer i was so shocked by their answer. It was my mom, my mom is the one who got elected I was so surprised then i thought to my self what know?


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