Leveraging Technology In The classroom

"The teaching of the curriculum as well as overall instructional goals (including assessment) should drive the use of technology in the classroom and not vice-versa." - Dan Massoth

We believe technology should support the content rather than define it. The University of Arizona supports five main campus-wide technology tools for use in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

The 5 main technology tools at the University of Arizona are:

  1. VoiceThread (Visual Discussion Boards)
  2. BrightSpace by Desire2Learn (Learning Management System)
  3. Panopto (Lecture Capture)
  4. Adobe Connect (Online Meetings)
  5. Civitas (Learning Analytics)


Create Communities

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to add images, documents, and videos, and to which other users can add voice, text, audio file, or video comments.

BrightSpace by D2L

Enhance Personalized Learning

D2L is an online set of tools that allow an instructor to accomplish instructional goals that are difficult in a face-to-face setting. It can be used for any course whether it is primarily face-to-face, completely online, or anything in between.

A D2L course site allows "anytime, anywhere" access to syllabi, course readings, multi-media files, electronic dropboxes, online quizzes, grading, and more.


Engage with the Material

Panopto is a presentation capture platform that allows you to capture, edit, stream, archive and share recordings. Faculty use Panopto to capture classroom interactions, lecture, presentations, student demonstrations and role-playing scenarios.

Students view recordings from the Internet to review classroom content, assess their peers' work as well as their own, and create recordings for course work.

Adobe Connect

Develop Interaction

Adobe Connect web conferencing software service offers immersive online meeting experiences for small group collaboration, virtual classrooms and large scale webinars.

Civitas Inspire

Increase Student Retention

Through Inspire for Faculty, instructors can see and interact with new information about students who are doing well as well as those that might be struggling, so they can better target the appropriate forms of inspiration or intervention. And, they can launch outreach to connect with students directly from the application.

Leveraging Technology in the Classroom

  • Visual Discussion Boards with VoiceThread
  • Learning Management System with BrightSpace
  • Lecture Capture with Panopto
  • Online Meetings with Adobe Connect
  • Learning Analytics with Civitas

Contact Information:

  • Ginger Hunt
  • Director of Online Learning and Instructional Design
  • gingershunt@email.arizona.edu


Circle of People: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/53c43feae4b097c07c1c2e60/t/54485c39e4b0700d78162070/1414028350140/Leveraging+a+personal+learning+network?format=500w D2L: d2l.arizona.edu

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