Agricultural Revolutions By: Lucas Oswskey

What was the first agricultural revolution? The First Agricultural Revolution was the change from cavemen to farmers. .When did it occur? 10,000 B.C What did humans do? Started producing domesticated animals and crops. How did it change the way humans lived? Pets and food.

Shows where we began until now.

What was the second agricultural revolution? It gave us farming equipment to use. When did it occur? 1760-1840. What changes happened in farming? Equipment to use like oxes and tilling machines etc.

Farmers using machines that we made from the second agricultural revolution.

What was(is) the third agricultural revolution? More advanced technology and bio tools. When did it occur? It is still occurring. What changes happened in farming? Better crops and more crops due to the enhanced molecules.

Farmer spraying pesticide on his crops.

What are genetically modified organisms? It is when you move one gene from a plant to a different plant. How do they change farming? It changes farming because they change how the plants have to be planted and where to be planted. What are pros and cons of GMO's? Pros: They can mix one plant that pushes away bugs with one that can't.

Subsistent farming is farming enough for your own family. Sustainable farming is when you farm animals and plants with ways that save the environment. Commercial farming is farming for consumers to buy and then sell.

1. Mature turkeys have more than 3,500 feathers. 2. There are 47 different breeds of sheep in the U.S. 3. Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world. 4. The average person consumes 584 pounds of dairy products a year.

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