The Good Life The divine a play for Sarah Bernhardt

Upon my arrival to the theatre I was very excited. I had never been to the theatre at the University of Florida and was very anxious to see it. The lobby was beautiful with big windows and modern pieces of art suspended by wires (as pictured). The inside of the theatre was dim but inviting. The stage was set for the first scene of the play and the theatre slowly filled up as everyone found a seat.
I went to the play with my husband, Patrick. However, upon arrival we were informed that the play was for good life students only so I had to attend the play alone. It was a bummer to have to go alone but I tried to make the best of it. I sat next to a senior named Will who was also a Philosophy major. We talked during intermission and realized that we had a couple of classes that we were both enrolled in. It was nice meeting someone with similar interests! I felt more comfortable sitting through the rest of the play after I knew Will.
The play addressed some very heavy topics such as the sexual abuse of children, abuse of power in the catholic church, child labor, poverty, etc. I was familiar with all of these topics prior to attending the play. I think the play did a very good job of portraying these issues. I have never experienced these trials firsthand so it was enlightening to learn about these topics in a more emotional and personal way. You can read about child labor but watching the play you became attached to the children working in the factory so you could almost sympathize with the children experiencing this awful life instead of merely hearing about it.
A brother was lost, a battle for justice was dismissed, a mother and son relationship was destroyed, and the church got a way with it. Sarah Bernhardt's play was never preformed and a dream was dismissed. The play had an awful ending with no peace or closure for the audience. However, it did clearly draw attention to the flaws in humanity and so in providing this clear broken ending it did "come clean" about the shortcomings of humanity.

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