Look Me in the Eye By Joe busch


Look Me in the Eye is about a kid named John, and his story about growing up with Aspergers. It would have been an easy life if Aspergers could have been discovered among kids, or his family was dysfunctional.


John is a round, major, and dynamic character. John is the main character of the book and the story is told from his perspective. John suffers from Aspergers disease, but no one knows he does.

John's mother, who he called "Slave" is a major, flat, dynamic character. At the start of the book John's mother is normal and cares for him, but towards the end she begins to go crazy and claims to see demons.

John's father, who he called "Stupid" is a major, flat, and dynamic character. John's dad started off with a drinking habit, which then turned into an addiction which caused him to be hospitalized several times.


The setting constantly changes throughout the book as John moves from state to state. The setting plays a big role in deciding who John interacts with, causing John to act differently.


The main conflict is John trying to deal with Aspergers and his attempts to make friends. Some of the smaller conflicts is John trying to deal with his mom, and dad as well as trying to fit in.

Author's purpose

The author's purpose of writing the book was entertain. The lesson the author is trying to get through was that even though your life is tough, someone still has it worse and you shouldn't give up.

Key Scenes

One important scene was when John went to family therapy, and his dad stopped hitting John. This was a large improvement to his life since not having to worry about his dad gave him more time to think about other things.

Another important scene was when John's dad began drinking more, and his behavior towards John got a lot worse. This was one of the lowest point of John's life as his dad would hit John when he got mad.

The last important scene was when John became the sound producer for the band Fat, since it gave him a place where he felt he fit in. John was very happy to finally have people who had something in common with him in his life.

Style and Tone

The tone of the book is sad and dark as most of John's life wasn't the best. His dad was one of the main reason for John's life to be worse as his dad would hit him a lot while drunk.

An example of author's craft was when building suspense. The author used suspense to better show the impact of a certain event. An example was when John and the band Fat were busted for drugs while on vacation, the author used suspense when the police arrived.

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