Mole Day Winners 2016-2017

1st Place:

Helen Campbell (STEM)
Aaron Smith (2-WAY TIE C.P. CHEM)
Isabella Skaff (2-WAY TIE C.P. CHEM)

2nd Place:

Viktoria Yeager (3-WAY TIE C.P. CHEM)
Daija Hightower (3-WAY TIE C.P. CHEM)
Mikayla Kratz (3-WAY TIE C.P. CHEM)
Madison Thoma (STEM)

3rd Place:

Madison Dulis (STEM)

Most Creative:

Aaron Smith (C.P. CHEM)


Justin Del Orbe (C.P. CHEM)

Best Represents This Year’s Theme (The Periodic Table of ELMOLENTS):

Casey Mulligan (STEM)
Daija Hightower (C.P. CHEM)

Most Moley:

Teagan Staudenmeier (STEM)
Viktoria Yeager (C.P. CHEM)

Most Original:

Helen Campbell (STEM)
Mikayla Kratz (C.P. CHEM)

Best/Most Effort:

Isabella Skaff (C.P. CHEM)
Mikayla Kratz (C.P. CHEM)

Avogadro's Choice:

Ashley Bruno (C.P. CHEM)
Asucena Vergara (C.P. CHEM)
Aaron Smith (C.P. CHEM)
Gary Curran (STEM)

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