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I am Virginia, my story is not that much different than any other woman. We share hurts, happiness, dreams, thoughts, motivational ideas. For most, the only factor or difference may be is... my strength and hope is in a risen savior. He saved me as a very young girl. I soon learned to grow in his grace, and found that God is the only refuge that we have, a true experience with a best friend. He is our source of hope, he gave to us the best gift, it is the gift of eternal life by the death of his only begotten son, and raised him from the dead so that we too could have life in him. For more you may go to, this is our community webpage.

I would like to share the word, and God with those that may not know him, and those that do know and live for him. Sharing hope and insight, with for our daily walk. We can reach out in our huge community of women, to give to them what we all need, hope , love, understanding, a hand to lift us up to point us to Jesus.

With the hope we share... maybe you can help us spread the word of hope and love of Jesus Christ. Too often many women, and young women, struggle in this life. Some just barely make it through a day, with raising a family, and holding down one, or two jobs, making the most of what little, you may have to give. This can be such a burden on so many women trying to keep their family clothed and fed, and staying focused on God . So we need to stay encouraged and filled with the hope of Jesus. We need each other, so many looking for a good friend. We can be that beacon of light.

I created this community for women...from the very young woman and to the oldest woman, this is a place to receive encouragement, from Harvest the Faith. We begin by staying in prayer, and reading the word, and sharing his love. A place for women from all walks of life to receive strength , and hope in Jesus through the word, and having a relationship with him. We would love for you l to be a part of our community. We would love to have you with us.

Go to , You may post away to your hearts desire with love of Jesus and what he has done for you. Share your love to others by giving away your love of Jesus.

Join us our little community of faith and hope builders, our gift is to encourage.

You can find many other women of faith that want to build up the body of Christ and lead others to him by also visiting Join up with our community and be blessed.

Follow and go to harvest the faith connection. Hope to see your great posts.

Thank you for visiting... I am Virginia glad to have you with us.
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