oyster protoreef Reef Restoration Jump Start

Blue W Labs is developing oyster protoreefs:

biogenic reef restoration structures

oysters are ecosystem engineers...

...that filter and clean the water, create complex reef architecture, critical habitats and nurseries for fish and other marine species, and form natural barriers to wave energy

but 85% of the world's oyster reefs are functionally extinct

Informed by mature reef architecture and using 3D rapid prototyping, extruding and casting, Blue W Labs has developed the Protoreef.

Ceramic 3D printed Model

Extruded Protoreef

Protoreef = Cement Base + Shell + Live Adult Oysters

Protoreef Design

Modular, plastic-free and biogenic, they are living, growing, and reproducing with a complex three-dimensional structure for juvenile oyster settlement and protection.

One Year Later

Protoreefs have a clustered reef architecture with three generations of oysters and complex reef community. Spatial complexity and high surface area create habitat and refuge for juvenile oysters and many other species.

Protoreefs can be used to jump-start restoration efforts by creating nodes of biogenic architecture that attract reef dwelling biodiversity

Benefits of Protoreefs

  • Vertical, biogenic reef architecture
  • Plastic-free
  • Better larval settlement, survival and growth
  • Day 1 - Can filter 500+ gallons of water/day
  • Efficient use of limited shell resource


Restoration Economy

Protoreefs can create and promote productive, cooperative relationships between the fishing community, aquaculturists, scientists, and habitat restorers.


Urban Land/Water Interface

Protoreefs can be used to remediate and develop resilience in the urban land water interface. An individual oyster can filter 50 gallons of water/day, removing nitrogen, sequestering carbon and recycling nutrients. Oyster reefs buffer wave energy offering resilence to sea-level rise caused by climate change.

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