Linocut Print Growth Project Katie Qualls

Project Assignment and Parameters

Create a linocut plate and 10+ prints that demonstrates understanding of texture, pattern, proportion, balance, emphasis, and observational drawing

  • Must save and use resource photos
  • Must choose an animal, insect, or a plant on the endangered species list
  • Lines/shape must extend off the page on 3-4 sides
  • Must have overlapping shapes
  • Must have a variety of Line work (thick, thin, continuous, etc.)
  • Background must be filled with 1 uniform texture

Planning and Sketches

Abutilon eremitopetalum Caum (Hiddenpetal Indian Mallow)


I chose to draw a plant because I do not feel as though I am very good at drawing animals. After searching for endangered plants, I settled on a type of flower. I chose this flower because it looked very interesting to me. So I drew 4 different variations of this flower and decided on the first one I drew.


The feedback I got was that my sketches were good but I needed more detail. I agreed because the background was very plain and open so on my project I added texture in background.


On my linocut I needed to make everything larger before I cut. After that I started cutting the background, leaving thin pieces raised to leave texture, thus adding the detail I need. I like how my actual lincut turned out but I felt had a difficult time actually printing it. I always had some spaces not fulling covered with ink that didn't transfer onto the paper. But as I kept doing more I think I got better with it.

In-Progress Work

Prints 1 through 6 (number 1 is top left corner, number 6 is bottom right)
Prints 7 through 10 (number 7 top left, number 10 bottom left) with practice prints and final linocut

The picture collages start at my worst in the top left corner of the first picture and go to my best in the bottom left corner of the second picture. The last two pictures show my practice prints and my final linocut. I had to keep rinsing my linocut off because the ink was building up in the lines that were supposed to be white and transferring to black. I also had to cut deeper into a few of my lines so that they would show better.

Finished Product


I put a lot of work into this project and I did try by best. And I followed all of the parameters. This project may not be as neat as I want it to be but that ink really does get everywhere so I did my best to not smudge it. Overall, I believe that this may not be my best project but I still think that it is pretty well done.

Created By
Katelyn Qualls

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