Attendance matters Whitewoods Primary Academy Trust

White Woods Primary Academy Trust and all schools within are committed to promoting a culture of high expectation, achievement and excellence.

Good attendance is crucial if children are to take advantage of the opportunities available to them and complete a successful journey through their time at our schools and as they move on into higher education or the world of work.

COVID-19 lockdown will have inevitably had some impact on children whether it be academic, social or emotional. Therefore it is essential that now, more than ever, all pupils attend school everyday.

Recent announcements from the Prime Minister stress the importance of returning to school, highlighting how the return to school in September is vital for children’s education, welfare, physical and mental well-being.

The Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, has also recently emphasised that a lack of schooling increases inequalities, reduces the life chances of children and can worsen physical and mental health issues.

COVID Guidance

We understand that some families may still have concerns about the full re-opening of school in September. However, we hope recent communication has eased some of these anxieties and that it is clear how we have worked tirelessly to reduce risk and ensure school is a safe place for pupils and staff

If your child has a sore throat, they can come to school if they are well enough.

If your child has a headache, snotty nose, slight temperature, they can come to school if they are well enough. If your child has a bit of a cough, a sore throat and a runny nose, they can come to school if they are well enough. If they not well enough, then keep them home like you would normally do, for a few days until they feel better. They do not need to be tested for Covid 19.

If your child has Covid 19 symptoms of:

  • a new continuous cough,
  • a fever (temperature of 37.8 degrees C or higher),
  • loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell

then they, and their siblings, must stay at home. You should arrange a test by visiting nhs.uk or telephoning 119. When you receive the test results you must inform school, along with evidence, as soon as possible.

I am sure you are wondering what to do if your child does have Covid symptoms, but other symptoms as well; for example a temperature, a cough and a snotty nose. In this situation, I would play it safe and get a test done.

If your child has a snotty nose, a sore throat, a cough – this is more likely to be a cold, and doesn’t need a test, but your child would probably benefit from a day at home for observation and to feel better.

Please remember that sore throats and snotty noses are not symptoms of Covid 19.

If you are still not sure, please remain focused on the symptoms and seek advice.

Working together

If your child is ill, please take them to a doctor and obtain a medical appointment card so we can update your records as early and accurately as possible. You should make contact with school every day so we can update our records on a daily basis.

Sometimes your child can feel mildly under the weather but they are actually well enough to attend school. If this is the case and your child deteriorates throughout the day, then you will be contacted immediately. The guidance from the NHS is as follows for various medical conditions and illnesses.

Remember, only keep your child at home if it is necessary.

Holidays in term time


  • Leave of absence for holidays during term time will NOT be authorised.
  • A leave of absence request form MUST be completed.
  • Whilst your child is on holiday, their classmates are still learning.
  • Penalty notices will be issued.

Children only attend school for 190 Days out of 365 this leaves 175 days for holiday, shopping and other activities. Please book holidays and days out in these 175 days.

School routines

Daily Absence Procedures

How we manage absence:

  • Parents/carers must notify the school office as soon as possible on the first day of absence, and no later than 9.30am, and the reason for absence will be recorded. (The school always endeavours to collect two contact numbers for Arbor).
  • If no notification is received by 9.30am, the school’s attendance Lead will contact parents/carers by phone and/or text to establish the reason for absence.
  • If no reason has been established by 10.00am, this absence will be reported to the Head fo School. After discussion a home visit may be initiated (this automatically happens on the 2nd day of absence is a reason has not been given). See appendix 1 and 2 for school’s internal systems.
  • If a child is already receiving multi-agency support, this will also be reported to the safeguarding lead and/or allocated social worker. School staff may undertake a home visit.
  • If a child’s attendance continues to give cause for concern and sickness is continually reported, support may be sought from the School Nursing team

Did you know?

It has been proven that children who frequently miss school are more likely to:

  • Fall behind with their schoolwork and not achieve to their full potential.
  • Find it difficult to make and keep friends.
  • Be unhappy at school.
  • Misbehave so others do not see they are struggling with their work.
  • Create a bad routine that can make it difficult to get or keep a job in the future.


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