Louis Armstrong Harlem Renaissances

Louis Armstrong was born August 4,1901 in New Orleans,Louisiana he passed away July 6,1971 in Queens(Corona),New York. Started in the beginning of the 1920s and throughout the 50s. Played a huge roll the Harlem Renaissance movement.

Louis Armstrong was a trumpeter, bandleader, singer, soloist, film star and comedian. One of the most influential artists in jazz history, he is known for songs like "Star Dust," "La Vie En Rose" and "What a Wonderful World."

Louis Armstrong had a rough childhood coming up in New Orleans at a young age .His Father abandoned the family as soon as Louis was born, Armstrong's Mother turned to prostitution and that left him with his maternal mother.Which eventually made Louis stop going to school forcing him to start doing labor work in the fifth grade.

"Musicians don't retire; they stop when there's no more music in them"-Louis Armstrong

"My whole life,My whole soul,My whole spirit to blow that horn"-Louis Armstrong

"If you listen to Louis Armstrong from 1929 , you will never hear anything better than that really, and you will never hear anything more free than that" -Steve Lacy

Armstrong was some of the first to set records for African Americans in this time period like in 1936 he was the first African American to write an auto biography,later that year he was the first to be featured in a major billing Hollywood movie.


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