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What is the Fussy Baby Network?

The Fussy Baby network is a support line for parents dealing with new born babies. This network was started by highly skilled professionals wanting to help you with all your baby needs. Our easy accessible website should be able to answer all your questions, if not you can call our hot line which is open 24/7 to give you whatever support you need.

Am I meeting all my baby's needs?

As a parent it is difficult to juggle all the tasks that come with having a new born. However, you must make sure you are filling all of their emotional and social needs so they develop and an accurate pace. Bonding and attachment is a big part of social and emotional needs. Bonding is forming strong emotional ties between parent and child and attachment is the bond between a parent or caregiver and a child. Having a Bond and attachment your infant will feel safe secure and loved.

Is my Baby meeting all the Milestones?

Every child reaches their milestones at different points, so their is no need to worry if your baby is a little late to meeting them, what is important is your baby is getting of the love and support to be able to achieve these milestones.

Important tip for new parents!

Working with an infant may be stressful at first, it is important to remember its ok to get a way for a couple of hours to enjoy the activates you love. Even if it means going for a walk or taking a bath. You must make sure your healthy and ready to give your beautiful baby all the care it needs. If your ever stress just remember it your first time and it will get better. Our hotline is always open so don't hesitate to call whenever you are in need of assistance.


Stranger anxiety - a fear usually expressed by crying of unfamiliar people

Bonding and attachment-bonding is forming a strong emotional ties between parent and child, attachment is the bond between a parent or caregiver and a child

Temperament- a person’s style of reacting to the world and reacting to others

Climate of home- the way other people in the home environment interact with each other

Month by Month Development and milestones

Month one- Babies should stop crying when lifted or touche. A baby’s face brightens when seeing a familiar face such as a family member or caregiver.

Month two- babies should start smile at people and follow them with their eyes

Month three- babies can now turn their head to respond to noises. Babies also want a lot of physical care and love.

Month four- Babies liked to be entertained and start to laugh

Month five- babies start to babble and start to grow attachments with other people such as siblings

Month six- babies love attention and playing games like peek a boo

Month seven- babies become attached to parents

Month eight- babies may be able to crawl by the age meaning they will crawl room to room looking for company

Month nine and ten- babies are super social and love to play with people

Month eleven and twelve- babies are normally happy and friendly at this age but they also start to develope other emotions.

Bonding and Attachment

To carry for you baby's emotional and social needs then parent needs to respond to their cry with love and support this creates a bond with baby and caregiver, it also makes the care giver feel safe and secure. As the baby starts to grow older they will become more social, the caregiver and other watching the baby should play games and talk to the baby to allow him or her to develop socially.


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