Standardized Testing Chandler Booker

Standardized tests are used in most schools, and are supposed to help students academically. However, because of all the pressure that has been placed on them, children have become more stressed in school.

Not all students take tests well, and if they do not pass these exams they are often made to take remedial classes when they actually know the material.

The members of the school administration are not in the classrooms with the children, so they do not get to see how much the students really know. To them students are just a number.

Teachers know how their students learn and can tell if they know what they are being taught. Children who do not take test well fall behind because these standardized tests matter more than their grades.

CHildren know that if they do not pass that there will be some form of consequences. Knowing this, if they fail they often feel like they are not as smart as their classmates.

Standardized tests should not be allowed in schools, they just make students more stressed and do not allow them to focus on what is really important. Students should be able to demonstrate their knowledge in other ways and not be held back because of a test.


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