A Moment By Nicole Hopkins

In between tedious games of 'I Spy' and continuous, bird-like repetition of, ''Are we there yet?'' A family composed of four stopped in the quaint town of Groveton Texas, with a population barely skimming a thousand, it was a ghost town to say the least. However, nestled beneath the dense evergreen that surrounded the town was a small antique shop that caught their attention.

Groveton TX

It may have been boredom, or sheer curiosity that led them there, but before the family knew it they were pulling up into the gravel-filled driveway to see what awaited them from within.

Upon entering the shop the thick smell of must clouded the room, and each wall was lined with shelves coated in dust and relics of someone's past.

After looking at the antiques and their history the family left, returning to playing 'I Spy' and reiterating the phrase of, ''Are we there yet?''

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