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Key Readings

Photography has come a long way since its original creation in 5th century BCE. There are now many different forms of photography and many different techniques that go along with those forms. Photographers critique the works of other photographers to help them better their work. When critiquing a photograph there are many different things one should focus on, such as: light, subject, composition, and the idea. Noticing how a photographer used (or didn't use) one of these aspects can really help one understand more about the picture and the artist.

iPhone Photography -Lea Hunter

"The Four Things,” and “What Makes an Outstanding Image” Summary

It is hard to tell exactly what makes a photo great. The goal of a photographer is to get to a place where they can easily distinguish between their outstanding and bad pictures. To do this, the photographer has to focus on subject, election and technicalities, composition, focus, perspective, balance, and lighting. Ming Thein believes that a perfect combination of these criteria creates an outstanding picture.

Ming Thein Emulation

Ming Thein's work is featured on the left and mine is featured in the right.
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