JJN Projects you just relax. let me take care of that for you.

Hello! My name is Justin.

I do trades in the Vancouver area and would like to do a domestic gig for you. I have a wide variety of skills from over the years, so I'm quite a well-rounded tradesperson. When I'm not doing residential and commercial projects with large general contractor clients, I do handyman work for my neighbours.

You have a task in mind. I have the skills, and an understanding of the tools and hardware required to get the job done.

Why choose me?

  • Sliding scale rates between $16 and $40/hour, so that you don't have to worry about being over-charged for simpler tasks or tasks that require a lot of hours
  • T & M (Time and Materials) cost structure. I don't sell you hardware at higher costs. You simply provide a PC (Petty Cash) Envelope, I grab the materials, and return the envelope complete with receipts and change.
  • Honest and friendly
  • Experience in many trades and crafts, including woodwork and photography
  • Highly responsive; I almost always pick up the phone when clients call. You text or email me and I respond usually within the hour (sometimes even within just a few minutes) and no more than a day later
  • Great communicator. I let you know whats going on so that you're not left wondering. Isn't not worrying what relaxation is all about?
Vancouver is beautiful. Aren't we lucky? I think we're pretty darn lucky. But that's just my opinion.

You're probably wondering what sort of stuff I do...

  • Painting
  • Steel Stud Framing
  • Taping/Plastering
  • Simple electrical installations (residential, only. I am not an electrician, but can do things like change switches and plugs or install lighting)
  • Locksmithing
  • Hanging frames, pictures, shelves, mirrors
  • Building shelving systems
  • IKEA furniture assembly
  • Lawn care and other simple landscaping/exterior maintenance
  • Tree trimming (but not hedges just yet)
  • Smart home set-up (Automated locks, smart lighting, smart waste disposal, smart appliances, smart everything. Think Jetson Family. You want to be like the Jetsons, don't you? ...Exactly; everybody wants to be like the Jetsons)
  • Home theatre installation
  • Woodwork commissions (always wanted a coffee table made of up-cycled/reclaimed wood? I can build that for you.)
  • Blade sharpening (if my metal shop is equipped with the right tool for the blade in question.)
  • Event photography (no weddings)
Honesty. Responsibility. Fairness. Respect.

Modest Rates and Invoiced Items

  • $16/hour minimum. This applies to simple things like hardware runs, IKEA furniture assembly, the clean up after I'm done a task, other stuff like that. I believe I should clean up after myself, but I don't think you should be charged the full rate for me to vacuum up some sawdust and throw wood scraps in a bin
  • Reimbursement or a provided petty cash envelope on consumables. If it's a small purchase, I'll invoice it. If it's a large purchase, I'll need a petty cash envelope. PC envelopes are always returned with change and receipts, ASAP.
  • Fuel & Vehicle rate is $17/hour. This helps me pay for the costs of having a vehicle. Easily avoidable if you're able to drive me to the hardware store for me to pick up a few things for your project. I love working as a team.
  • $20-$40/hour, skilled labour rate. Dependent on how much skill would normally be required for someone to perform the task themselves or how much time it will take. Hint: Buy in bulk! It might help lower costs a bit in the long run. You giving me more work is plenty a reason for me to hook you up with preferred rates. Each visit will cost you less (unless you make me hate you).
  • $5-$10/day, kit rental fee (depending on the job). I show up with much over a thousand dollars worth of tools. Those tools go through wear and tear, so they eventually need to be replaced or upgraded. Blades, screwdriver and drill bits, sandpaper... it all adds up. This kit rental fee allows me to keep doing a good job by always having tools that work well. It also allows me to build my inventory so that I can constantly step up my game for clients.
Nobody wants to work when they could be exploring Vancouver, instead... Me? Well, I'm a workaholic so I can't help it! Maybe we can help each other out.

Ready? Give me a call, shoot me a text, or email. I'll get the job done. You just sit back and relax. Let me do all the work for you.

1.613.325.8333 (main cell)

1.778.806.3007 (vancouver cell)




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