Refugee Struggles By: chris jordan

Total number of people forced from their homes -65.3 million, total number of internally displaced persons 40.8 million
Top 5 internally displaced persons countries (and their totals) - Colombia 6.9 (million) Syria 6.6, Iran 4.4, Sudan 3.2, Nigeria 2.2. Total number of refugees -21.3 million. Top 5 countries of origin for refugees (and their totals) Syria 4.9, (million) Afghanistan 2.7, Somalia 1.1, South Sudan 778,700, (thousand) Sudan 628,800. Top 5 host countries for refugees Turkey 2.5 (million) Pakistan 1.6 Lebanon 1.1 Iran 979,400 (thousand) Ethiopia 736,100
Syrian refugee stats, total population 22 million, total refugees 5 million, total internally displaced 7 million, Syrian casualties 1.4 million.

What surprised you most about refugees living in Za’atari camp?

The thing that surprised me the most about the camp is that they are building there own economy, and market place.

What are some of the biggest issues refugees in the camp setting were facing? What about those in the urban towns and cities? How are these struggles different?

Some of the biggest issues in the camp were safety and concern of robbery. The refugee camp is so big it acts as a small city and like a city, these refugee camps has the same problems as cities, like robbery etc. these struggles are not very different and more so the same.

Do you believe we should welcome refugees into our own communities? Why or why not?

I think we should welcome refugees into our communities but they have to find a job within 3 months. We should let them in because if you were in there situation wouldn't you want help?

If we did welcome refugees into our communities, what are some of the needs you think they’ll have?

The refugees would need food stamps, water, and shelter. They will also need welfare pay and education. The needs they would already have is knowing how to cook, and cultural faithfulness.
Number of refugees settled in the US in 2016? 84, 995, Average number of refugees over the past 5 years, about 433,000. Top 5 sending countries? The Congo accounted for 16,370 refugees followed by Syria (12,587), Burma (aka Myanmar, with 12,347), Iraq (9,880) and Somalia (9,020). Top 5 receiving states? -California -Texas New York Michigan Ohio

The refugee process to get into the USA

1. Many refugee applicants identify themselves to the U.N. refugee Agency UNHCR 2. Applicants are received by a federally funded resettlement support center 3. Biographic security checks start with enhanced interagency security checks 4. Department of homeland security USCIS interview 5. Biometric security checks 6. Medical check 7. Cultural orientation and assessment to domestic resettlement locations 8. Travel 9. U.S. Arrival

What is Donald Trumps ban?

Donald trumps immigration order bans several countries (Somalia, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran, and Yemen) from entering the US in any way shape or form for 90 days. No trade will be done with these countries and no one can enter the US from these countries.

My opinion? + facts

One reason I disagree with this immigration order is because why would we ban people from these countries in the most important time of need for them. The second reason I disagree is because this doesn't make the USA a free country anymore in my opinion because people came to America to be free. Fact 1: Syria needs help the most right now, 80% of there infrastructure has been lost because of this war. Fact 2: 1 reason a lot of people came to the USA is for religious freedom.

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