Principal's Corner

Wow! Time sure has flown by. Here at Dubose, lots of exciting events have been happening and we continue to prepare for important events in the days to come. Our 6th grade students will be taking a Math Benchmark on Tuesday, March 10 and Reading Benchmark on Wednesday, March 11. Science Benchmarks for fifth grade students will be administered on Tuesday, March 10. Please assist us in ensuring your child is getting a good night’s rest. Breakfast will be served here on campus. We also ask your help in reminding your student how important benchmarks are and the importance of taking the benchmarks seriously. Benchmarks assist your child’s teacher in knowing where a student continues to struggle, is a good predicament of whether students have the stamina needed to be successful on a STAAR test and assist us in planning and moving forward in the days leading toward our actual STAAR assessment dates. Please know that fifth grade students will be STAAR testing very soon. STAAR assessment dates are as follows:

April 7: STAAR Test for grade 5 Math

April 8: STAAR Test for grade 5 Reading

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Principal, Lorie Orta

Dear Alice ISD parents and guardians,

Dubose has had children recently diagnosed with Flu and Strep. Please be assured the district has implemented the disinfecting process as of the first confirmed case. Please monitor your child for symptoms and take your child to be evaluated by his/her physician if you suspect your child may have the flu or sore throat (strep).

To avoid the spread of the Flu, Flu like illnesses, stomach viruses and other contagious illness, Alice ISD would like to remind all parents of the following district policies.

A child will be sent home with the following: Suspected contagious disease, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or if your child feels too ill to remain at school.

If your child has any of the above symptoms in the morning before coming to school, please keep them at home or take them to their physician or Pediatrician. If you are called to pick up your child, please make arrangements to pick them up quickly..

Your child may return to school only after contagious symptoms have cleared and your child has been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications (such as Tylenol or Motrin) and / or when a return to school slip is provided by the doctor.

Remind your children / students to practice good hand washing techniques every day before eating, after using the bathroom, after coughing or sneezing on them, and whenever they are visibly dirty. Wash your hands using friction for at least 20 seconds then rinse thoroughly for 10 seconds. Then dry your hands,

Thank you, Stephanie Lozano LVN

Dubose Intermediate Nurse & Alice ISD Health Services

Formula for Success

Parents + AISD = TEAM

TEAM ( Healthy body + Healthy minds) = Strong, Healthy and Successful Students!

Parent Liaison

Parental Involvement has been working together with 5th grade Science teachers to create a carnival theme for 5th-grade students upcoming projects they're working on. Our recent project was district-wide & it was a success. It was our Veteran's Event which took place at our very own Alice High School. It was a heartfelt ceremony from finish to end. Parental Involvement encourages any parents, grandparents, or community members who enjoys volunteering their time to come on in & fill out one of our volunteer packets. There is always something to do and our volunteers are a part of our Dubose family!

Yvonne De La Garza

Paraprofessional/Parent Liaison

Teachers: Mrs. Barerra / Mrs. Garcia

5th Grade Math

5th Grade Math will be working on the last 2 Unit Exams this six weeks. Unit 3 will cover Financial Literacy. Students will be working on a project that will cover both of these units. Thereafter, student will be having Spring Break. When students return from Spring Break, they will be Assessing the weakest skills from their Benchmark Unit 10 will cover Data Analysis. 5th grade Math teachers will be working closely with Administration to do a 10 Day Review. Once the 10 Day reviews comes to an end, Students in the 5th Grade will be testing the first administration of their Math STAAR.

Teachers: Dr. Perez/Mrs. Sprouse

6th Grade Math

6th Grade math has started Geometry (chapter 9) and will test on Unit 9 March 5th and 6th. After Geometry, we will work on Data Analysis (chapter 10). Our Math Benchmark test date will be March 10th. Students must score higher than last year's STAAR score to show improvement. All students should be studying each night and reviewing their notes/workbook content. Students should be reading for 30 minutes each night. Students can also use Dreambox to study and review skills.

Mrs. Howard/ Ms.Stephens

5th Grade Science

This past six weeks we covered the Earth, Sun and Moon section. Students analyzed how the Earth rotates using a globe. Before students enter 5th grade, they are under the impression that the Sun actually moves in the sky. We used a Sun and shadow model to show that the sun does not move, it is actually the Earth that is rotating. This causes the Sun to "appear" to move across the sky. Our next unit that is being covered is Ecosystems. We had a fun lab this past Thursday and Friday that the students were able to eat and understand a food chain. Thank you to all the parents. Your support is greatly appreciated. Below is a picture of our completed lab.

Teachers: Mrs. Staff/ Miss. Botello

6th Grade Science

Our scientists have been working very hard studying the transfer of energy from one system to another. We have investigated thermal energy transferring through convection, conduction and radiation this past six weeks using light bulbs, chocolate and colored water! This next six weeks we will be investigating the structures of the Earth and the classification of rocks by the process of their formations! Keep up the great work!

Teachers: Mrs. Gonzalez/ Mrs. Patton

5th Grade ELAR

This six weeks we were all about DRAMA. our students analyzed multiple dramas and the different elements that this text encompasses. After the students studied different types of dramas they were able to brainstorm and create a drama of their own. Students wrote and created props to perform for their classmates in their ELAR classes. Next six weeks we will review POETRY and poetic elements.

Teachers: Mrs. Toerck/Ms. Beltran

6th Grade ELAR

During the 4th six weeks our students were busy analyzing argumentative texts. We even took a side and wrote our own argumentative essays over drilling for oil in protected areas. We took our unit 4 exam and our students did well. As a class, we have moved to analyzing many different genres as we prepare for our benchmark coming up.


Teachers: Mrs.Best/ Mrs.Oyervides/Mrs. Grey

This six weeks the Technology Applications Classes are working on creating slide shows using Google Slides. Students are creating a slide show about themselves while learning how to use the application. We also are continuing with practicing our keyboarding skills. Many of our students are doing a great job at mastering typing.

Teachers: Mrs. Gomez/ Mrs. Perez

5th Grade Social Studies

Students studied about the United States involvement in the First World War and the causes and effects of The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Students also learned about the United States participation in the Second World War. Students really enjoyed learning about these events.

Teachers: Mrs. Perez/Ms. Montgomery

6th Grade Social Studies

The past 4th six weeks has consisted of learning about Russia and the Eurasian Republics. Students leaned and discussed the different societies and the conflict between various ethnic groups. Identifying the impact of Cultural diffusion is always an interesting topic for the students.The creation of the and end of Apartheid in South Africa and the roles of Nelson Mandela and F.W De Klerk brought many questions from the students.

We have our very own Historian in 6th Grade. Aden Tunchez competed in History Day 2020. "Breaking Barriers in History" at TAMUK on February 21, 2020. We are proud to announce Aden has advanced to state in Austin. We wish him Good Luck at state!!!

These students have met their AR Goal for the 4 th Six Weeks. They

will be given a free dress pass to wear on Thursday, February 27.

They will also be rewarded with a pizza party at 2:45 p.m. in the

library. They will receive their tickets during the week.

38 total students met their AR Goal!!! Congratulations to all

students and teachers for all of your hard work!!!

Congratulations to Mitchell Hacker Fleeger for earning 139.2

points during the six weeks. He is the top AR point earner in 6 th

grade! He has also read over 2 million words for the school year!!

Top 3 Point Earners in 6 th grade

Mitchell Hacker Fleeger-139.2 points

Lino Garcia-68.4 points

Tiffany Kim-26 points

Congratulations to Benjaimin Ragland for earning 115.9 points

during the six weeks. He is the top AR point earner in 5 th grade!

Top 3 Point Earners in 5 th grade

Benjamin Ragland-115.9 points

Eli Walker-110 points

Isis Rodriguez-40.3 points

6th Grade- 20 total students

J. Beltran-2

Aubrey R. Garcia

Lino Garcia

L. Botello-1

Emilio Bernal

Dr. Perez-3

Noah Benavides

Landen Brunston

Jayla Espinosa


Estevan Cabrera

Alexis Farias

Mitchell Hacker-Fleeger

Joaquin Longoria

Enrique Ramirez

Aden Tunchez

M. Perez-6

Nonami Garza

Tiffany Kim

Ryan Reux

Audrina Torres

Xzander Vasquez

Aubrey Velasco

T. Montegomery-1

Jose Salinas

F. Cisneros-1

Jedadiah Lopez

5th Grade- 18 students

N. Gonzalez-3

Bardoe Clement

Luciano Perales

Eli Walker

P. Patton- 2

Journey Richardson

Micah Torres

M. Garcia 4

Xerenity Bridge

Isaac Gonzalez

Lourdes Pate

Benjamin Ragland

Barrera 4

Alex Lozano

Joseph Gutierrez

Alianna Sanchez

Jazzlyn Trejo

Y. Howard 2

Eduardo Hernandez

Rianna Ibanez

K. Stephens 2

Emma Guerra

Isis Rodriguez

M. Gomez 1

Cristina Pena

Spelling Bee Champion/Runner Up

Eli Walker, 5th grade Spelling Bee Champion

Aubrey R. Garcia, 6th grade Spelling Bee Runner Up

Perfect Attendance

Zackarey Arellamo

Elena Barrera

Dominic Barton

Allahzay Canales

Jazelle Cervantes

Demarcus Charles

Marlaina De La Garza

Zack Escobar

Estevan Escobedo

Natalia Escobedo

Jayla Espinosa

Aaron Espinoza

Alberto Farias

Lino Garcia

Ricardo Garcia-Castillo

Lena Garza

Aryssa Gonzalez

Isaac Gonzalez

Nobilee Gonzalez

Heather Hendricks

Jasmine Hinojosa

Ha Chau Hoang

Tiffany Kim

Darien Longoria

Julian Lopez

Arianna Martinez

Jayamelette Pena

Isis Rodriquez

Isaiah Rubio

Cecily Sanchez

Audrina Torres

Micah Torres

Aiden Trevino

Joseph Uribe

Marissa Uribe

Jose Valencia Taraco

Isabella Viera

Eli Walker

Joseph Wendt

5th Grade A Honor Roll

Maddex Carrillo

Robert Deleon

Alexa Godines

Sabella Gonzalez

Adrienne Guillen

Ha Chau Hoang

Jason Jasso

Joshua Johnson

Arianna Martinez

Koko Monsevais

Benjamin Ragland

Isis Rodriquez

Amarissa Silva

Jazzlyn Trejo


5th Grade A/B Honor Roll

Briceyde Aguirre

John Aleman

Emanuel Arroyo

Kylee Arvizu

Adam Barrientes

Allahzay Canales

Estelesie Cardona

Isabella Castillo

Alexius Chapa

Noah Christian

Bardoe Clement

Roman Contreras

Marlaina De La Garza

Madeline East

Aaron Espinoza

Giovanna Espurvoa

Alberto Farias

Lily Flores

Carolina Garcia

Enrique Garcia

Joshua Garza

Avery Gonzalez

Carlos Gonzalez

Isaac Gonzalez

Karissa Gonzalez

Nobilee Gonzalez

Valerie Gonzalez

Emma Guerra

Joseph Gutierrez

Julianna Guzman

Heather Hendricks

Leia Hernandez

Madilynn Hernandez

Eduardo Hernandez-Lopez

Jazmine Hinojosa

Eric Hughes

Ashley Jimenez

Hailey Lopez

Alex Lozano

Nicholas Martinez

Elyana Mata

Selena Mendoza

Mia Molina

Chevy Moreno

Chelsea Oliveira

Lourdes Pate

Cristina Pena

Mathew Perez

Tiffany Placencio

Samuel Ramirez

Elizabeth Ramos

Ava Reaux

Journey Richardson

Natalie Rivera

Alayla Romero

Isaiah Rubio

Vanity Rubio

Ryder Salaiz

Abdiel Salinas

Alianna Sanchez

Alonso Sanchez

Collin Sanchez

Jay Sanchez

Nathaniel Sanchez

Audrina Sendejo

Adan Soliz

Aniya Taylor

Micah Torres

Aiden Trevino

Alianah Trigo

Zachary Tyrone

Joshua Valadez

Alayna Valdez

Isabella Vasquez

Janelle Vela

Daniella Villarreal

Jezelle Watrin

A Honor Roll 6th Grade

Isys Alaniz

Kenli Atwood

Larissa Cano

Joshua Cavazos

Alayna Chapa

Jose Chapa

Alexis Farias

Aubrey Garcia

John Garcia

Lino Garcia

Krista Garza

Lena Garza

Nonami Garza

Adrielle Hernandez

Nathaniel Hernandez

Tiffany Kim

Kaleb Lopez

Jason Molina

Adrianna Ramierz

Aiden Rodriquez

Alieyah Sandoval

Jordan Silva

Audrina Torres

Mary Torres

Elia Trevino

Aden Tunchez

Lorenzo Vanclaude

Bailynn Villarreal

Aron Villegas

Joseph Wendt

Gabrielle Wright

6th Grade A/B Honor Roll

Brenna Alegra

Mikaela Balboa

Elena Barrera

Kaeden Benavides

Emilio Bernal

Suzie Bernal

David Bolanos

Estevan Cabrera

Miguel Cantu

Giovanni Castellanos

Candice Cedillo

Demarcus Charles

Lucian Cruz

Savanna Cuellar

Nicolas Del Bosque

Julian Deleon

Bobby Delgado

Joshua Donovan

Kaleb Dougherty

Walker Dunlavy

Estevan Escobedo

Natalia Escobedo

Jayla Espinosa

Julia Espinosa


Angela Garcia

Arieana Garcia

Aubrey Garcia

Jenesis Gonzalez

Lucy Gonzalez

Mitchell Hagger-Fleeger

Mellany Hernandez

Sereniti Hernandez

Charmarian Johnson

Sergio Juarez

James Lee

Cecila Lleverino-Perez

Manolo Lleverino-Perez

Joaquin Longoria

Jazmine Lopez

Michael Lopez

Troy Maldonado

Arnold Manrique

Ava Mata

Wesley McIntyre

Kallie Moreida

Jayamelette Pena

Myka Perez

Briana Ramirez

Enrique Ramirez

Makayla Ramirez

Michaela Ramirez

Ryan Reaux

Jadden Rios

Tayna Rios

Morgan Rivera

Allie Saenz

Aubrey Salas

Javier Salinas

Jose Salinas

Lauryn Sanches

Kristen Thompson

Anna Trevino

Joseph Uribe

Jose Valencia-Taraco

Skylar Van Der Zeeuw

Aubrey Velasco

Audrey Velasco

James Wars

Jayden Watrin

Running Club

Sponsors Mrs.Taylor/Mrs. Staff

These past six weeks your student have been working on their mile times. We have been practicing on trying to make their time. We had 34 students sign up for the St. Elizabeth 5K Glow run, we are really excited to taking our running to another level. Students have been working hard on raising money volunteering at our concession stand during Lil Dribblers games.